Brigitte de Joya Biography: Wikipedia, Age, Career, Movies, Husband, Children, Net Worth

Bridgette de Joya Biography

Bridgette de Joya is a former actress known for her roles in daring films produced by Seiko Films. Although her stint in showbiz was brief, it left an impact. She appeared in two notable sexy films: Gigil (2000) and Kangkong* (2000). However, she eventually left the entertainment industry and now works as a school security guard.

Bridgette takes pride in her current job and has no regrets about her previous acting career. Despite her short-lived acting career, She fondly remembers her former colleagues, including fellow sexy stars Rodel Velayo, Nini Jacinto, and Leonardo Litton, as well as director Mauro Gia Samonte and Seiko Films producer Robbie Tan.

She credits Robbie Tan for giving her the opportunity to become an artist and providing her with a screen name that remains a part of her identity. Bridgette left showbiz due to personal reasons and chose to live a more normal life. As a housewife, she raised four children and enjoyed the freedom of moving around without reporters following her every move.

Bridgette de Joya Age

Bridgette de Joya is 40 years old as of 2024.

Bridgette de Joya Early Life

Bridgette de Joya was born born on November 29, 1983 in the United States. She spent her early years in the U.S., raised by her adoptive mother in Washington D.C. Bridgette’s proficiency in the American language was shaped during this time. However, when her grandmother fell seriously ill, she returned to the Philippines at the age of 13.

Bridgette de Joya dropped out of high school during her second year, but she later continued her education in the Philippines.

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Bridgette de Joya Early Career and Notable Films

Bridgette de Joya gained recognition for her roles in two daring movies: Gigil (2000) and Kangkong (2000). Despite her brief stint in showbiz, these films left an impact. She portrayed characters that pushed boundaries and caught the attention of audiences. However, her acting career was short-lived, spanning only two films.

Bridgette de Joya’s Transition to a Different Path

After leaving the entertainment industry, Bridgette embarked on a different journey. She now works as a security guard at a school—a role she takes pride in. Her decision to transition away from showbiz was driven by personal reasons. The pressure and challenges of the industry led her to choose a simpler life. As a housewife, she raised four children and enjoyed the freedom of anonymity without reporters following her every move.

Bridgette de Joya Personal Life

Bridgette de Joya Is married to a man Fortunato, who works as a prison guard. The couple has four children together.

Now, in her current life, Bridgette is married to Fortunato

Bridgette de Joya Net Worth

Bridgette de Joya has an estimated net worth of $50,000 as of 2024.

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