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Derry Watkins Biography

Derry Watkins is a notable figure in the world of horticulture. She is the owner of Special Plants Nursery near Bath in southwest England. Derry is an author of two books on greenhouse gardening and is known for introducing many new plants from her plant collecting trips to South Africa and other locations.

She also conducts one-day gardening courses at her nursery and lectures extensively. Her garden has been featured on the television program Gardener’s World. Derry’s life in botany is characterized by a continuous voyage of discovery and experimentation, bringing plants from various parts of the world like South Africa, India, Nepal, Chile, and Ethiopia to her nursery.

Derry Watkins Early Life and Education

Derry Watkins, an American by birth, had an interesting early life that shaped her future in horticulture. Growing up in Connecticut, she initially hated gardening, which was her mother’s passion.

However, her perspective began to change when she crossed the Atlantic for the first time to attend a Yeats summer school in Sligo, Ireland, at the age of fifteen.

After completing her psychology degree, Derry returned to Europe and briefly settled in Ireland. It was there, in a primitive cottage on a mountainside overlooking the sea, that her love for plants began to flourish.

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Derry Watkins Career

Derry Watkins is a distinguished figure in the world of horticulture, renowned for her contributions to plant introduction and gardening education. Her career began with a profound love for plants that blossomed during her time in Ireland, where she lived in a primitive cottage and started to appreciate the beauty of flora. This passion led her to establish Special Plants Nursery near Bath, England, which has become a haven for plant enthusiasts.

At her nursery, Derry Watkins has curated a collection of unique and extraordinary plants, many of which she has introduced from her plant collecting trips across the globe. Her expeditions to countries like South Africa, India, Nepal, Chile, and Ethiopia have enriched the British gardening landscape with a diverse range of flora.

In addition to her work at the nursery, Derry is an accomplished author, having written two books on greenhouse gardening. These publications are a testament to her extensive knowledge and experience in the field, offering valuable insights into the cultivation and care of plants under glass. Her expertise is also shared through the one-day gardening courses she teaches at the nursery, where she imparts her wisdom to aspiring gardeners.

Derry’s influence extends beyond her nursery and writings; she is a sought-after lecturer who travels extensively to share her passion for plants. Her engaging talks and workshops inspire others to explore the world of horticulture and discover the joy of gardening.

Derry Watkins Courses

Derry Watkins offers a variety of one-day gardening courses at her nursery, Special Plants, near Bath in southwest England. Here’s a list of some of the courses available:

  • Making Hazel Plant Supports: Learn to cut hazel wands and weave them into shapes to support plants.
  • Sowing Seeds: Discover the best practices for sowing different kinds of seeds and caring for seedlings.
  • Creating a Border: Understand how to design a garden for successional flowering and year-round beauty.
  • Gravel Gardening: Explore how to design, make, and maintain a gravel garden.
  • Gardening in the Shade: Find out the best plants for dry and damp shade and woodland gardening.
  • Gardening for the Future: Learn sustainable gardening practices, including gardening without plastics.
  • Collecting Seed: Learn how to collect, clean, and store seeds.
  • Grasses and Perennials: Understand the benefits of combining ornamental grasses with herbaceous perennials.
  • Pruning: Gain skills in pruning shrubs, perennials, grasses, and fruit trees.
  • Additionally, Derry Watkins also gives free talks on various gardening topics during “Special Tuesdays” at the nursery.

Derry Watkins Husband

Derry Watkins is married to Peter Clegg, who is an architect. Together, they moved from Marshfield to their current site in 1996, which was then a derelict barn surrounded by rough land. Peter designed the house and garden, while Derry planted it and developed the nursery.

Derry Watkins Net Worth

Derry Watkins has an estimated net worth of $500,000 as of 2024.

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