Faye Peraya Malisorn Biography: Age, Wiki, Height, Nationality, Career, TV Shows, Boyfriend, Relationship, Net Worth

Faye Peraya Malisorn Biography

Faye Peraya Malisorn, also known as Supaporn Malisorn, is a Thai model and actress. She gained recognition when she was crowned Miss Grand Thailand in 2016.

Faye Peraya has since pursued a career in acting and has appeared in several Thai dramas and movies. Some of her notable works include “Marn Bang Jai,” “Song Naree,” and “Blank Season 2.” Additionally, she is the founder of Amor Boutique Salon.

In 2017, she signed a contract with Channel 7, which expired at the end of 2023. She has continued her acting career with roles in Thai dramas such as “Blank Season 2,” “Twist of Fate,” and “The Deception Game”. Faye is also known for her role as Nueng in the drama “Blank” and its second season.

Faye Peraya Malisorn Age

Faye Peraya is 30 years old as of 2024.

Faye Peraya Malisorn Nationality

Faye Peraya is from Thailand.

Faye Peraya Malisorn Early Life and Education

Faye Peraya Malisorn was born on October 14, 1993, in Prachin Buri, Thailand. From a young age, Faye was raised by her aunt and nurtured a dream of becoming a teacher.

Faye’s educational journey led her to Ramkhamhaeng University, where she pursued and completed a Bachelor of Business Administration.

Faye Peraya Malisorn Career

Faye Peraya Malisorn Biography

Faye Peraya Malisorn’s journey into the limelight began when she was crowned Miss Grand Thailand in 2016, a title that catapulted her into national fame and opened doors to numerous opportunities.

Following her success in the pageant world, Faye transitioned into acting, signing a contract with Channel 7 in 2017. Her natural charisma and talent quickly made her a beloved figure in the Thai entertainment industry.

She took on various roles in popular dramas, showcasing her range as an actress and earning a dedicated fanbase. Her contract with Channel 7, which lasted until the end of 2023, was a period of significant growth and exposure for her career.

Faye Peraya Malisorn Biography

In 2020, Faye expanded her artistic repertoire by featuring in a supporting role in the comedy film “Love U Kohk-E-Kueng.” Her performance was well-received, demonstrating her ability to captivate audiences not just on television screens but also in cinemas.

Apart from her on-screen endeavors, Faye is also an entrepreneur. She is the founder of Amor Boutique Salon, where she combines her passion for beauty and hairstyling with her business acumen.

In 2023, Faye sought to enhance her skills by training as a stylist at the prestigious Sassoon Academy in London. This experience not only honed her abilities but also enriched her perspective on beauty and fashion, which she brings back to her work and her salon.

Faye continues to thrive in her acting career, starring in leading roles in series such as “Blank Season 2” and “The Deception Game.” Her portrayal of complex characters in these dramas has been praised for its depth and authenticity, further establishing her as a prominent figure in Thai drama.

Faye Peraya Malisorn TV Shows/Movies

Faye Peraya Malisorn has been involved in a variety of TV shows and movies throughout her career. Here is a list of her works:

  • Blank Season 2 (2024) as Nueng (Main Role)
  • Blank (2024) as “Nueng” Sipakorn (Main Role)
  • Twist of Fate (2024) as Phaphaeng (Support Role)
  • The Deception Game (2024) (Support Role)
  • The Tale of Skyward Sword (2023) as Soisukhontha (Support Role)
  • Hak Lai, My Lady (2023) as Khaisaeng (Support Role)
  • Prik Gub Klur (2021) as Patty (Support Role)
  • Talay Luang (2021) as Sasikarn / “Nune” (Support Role)
  • Marn Bang Jai (2020) as Montira (Support Role)
  • Song Naree (2019) as “Yai” Phawongduean Busbarat (Support Role)
  • Poo Bao Indy Yayee Inter (2019) as Kaewta (Support Role)
  • Nang Rai (2019) as Paksuda / “Pat” (Support Role)
  • Mae Sue Bpak Rai Poo Chai Rot Jat (2018) (Support Role)
  • Ruk Kan Man Jaew (2018) as NokYoong (Support Role)
  • Massaya (2017) as “Phen” Phenchom (Support Role)
  • Love U Kohk-E-Kueng (2020) as Kaewta (Support Role)

Faye Peraya Malisorn Personal Life and Relationship

Faye Peraya Malisorn Biography

Faye Peraya is currently single and not in any relationship.

Faye Peraya Net Worth

Faye Peraya Malisorn Biography

Faye Peraya’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million aa of 2024.

Faye Peraya Social Media Handles

Faye Peraya Malisorn is active on various social media platforms. Here are her official social media handles:

  • Instagram: @faye_malison
  • TikTok: @Faye_Peraya
  • Weibo: @Faye_Malisorn

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