Florence Roberts Biography: Wiki, Age, Cause Of Death, Husband, Family, Career, Songs, Net Worth

Florence Roberts Biography

Florence Roberts was a beloved Luo gospel music artist from Kenya, renowned for her worship anthems like “Kik Ikala.” She was known for her ability to lead people in worship and her songs were cherished by many for their inspirational qualities.

Tragically, Florence Roberts passed away after a short illness. Her death was confirmed by producer Wuod Fibi of Barikiwa Music Centre, who described her as a “general” in the gospel music scene.

Florence Roberts Early Life and Education

Florence Roberts was born and raised in the lively city of Kisumu where she had her primary and secondary education.

She pursued higher education at Masinde Muliro University, where she graduated with a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication.

Florence Roberts Career

Florence Roberts biography

Florence Roberts’s career in gospel music was a journey of faith, talent, and resilience. She began her musical endeavors in the local churches of Kisumu, where her soulful voice and heartfelt worship quickly garnered attention. Her talent shone through during home fellowships, where she led worship sessions that deeply moved the congregants. It was during these early days that her potential was spotted by gospel singer John Okidi, who recognized her innate ability to connect with the divine through music.

Roberts’s breakthrough came when she was encouraged to take her talent to a larger stage. Moving beyond the confines of her local community, she ventured to Nairobi, where she began to record her music professionally. Despite the challenges of the competitive music industry, Roberts’s dedication to her craft and her faith remained unwavering.

Her single “Kik Ikala” became a hit, touching the hearts of many with its powerful message and Roberts’s emotive delivery. The song’s success catapulted her to new heights in the Kenyan gospel music scene, establishing her as a household name. Her ability to make listeners feel closer to God through her music was unparalleled, and she quickly became known as a “general” in the gospel music industry for her leadership and influence.

Florence Roberts Songs

Florence Roberts, the Kenyan Luo gospel artist, was known for her soulful and uplifting songs. Here are some of her notable songs:

  • Kik Ikala
  • Isebedo Jakora
  • Gik Mitimo
  • Ero Kamano
  • Kuom Nguononi
  • En Nango
  • Ka An Gi Yesu
  • Emmanueli
  • Onge Nyasaye Moro

Florence Roberts Death

Tragically, Florence Roberts’s career was cut short by her untimely death on April 30, 2024 after a brief illness. However, her legacy lives on through her music, which continues to inspire and uplift. Producer Wuod Fibi of Barikiwa Music Centre hailed her as a general in the gospel music scene, emphasizing that her songs “will forever be a blessing to many generations to come.”

Florence Roberts Husband

Florence Roberts was married to Pastor Robert Eboi. Together, they shared a life of faith and companionship. After facing a challenging period in her life due to her HIV diagnosis and the subsequent abandonment by her then-fiancé, Florence found love and support in Pastor Robert.

Florence Roberts Net Worth

Florence Roberts had an estimated net worth of $35,000 before she passed away.

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