George Natembeya Biography: Age, Wiki, Education, Career, Wife, Family, Net Worth

George Natembeya Biography

George Natembeya is a notable figure in Kenya, known for his extensive career in public service and his role in politics. Born in 1971, Natembeya pursued higher education at the University of Nairobi, where he earned both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Anthropology.

George Natembeya began his administrative career as a Personal Assistant to the late John Michuki, who was the Minister for Security. After four years, he advanced to positions such as District Officer and District Commissioner in Murang’a, where he played a significant role in suppressing the Mungiki gang.

Natembeya resigned from his position as Regional Commissioner to run for office and was elected as the Governor of Trans-Nzoia County after winning in the 2022 General Elections.

George Natembeya Age

George Natembeya is 53 years old as of 2024.

George Natembeya Early Life and Education

George Natembeya was born in 1971 in Kenya and his formative years were spent in an environment that valued education and community service.

For his higher education, Natembeya attended the prestigious University of Nairobi. It was here that he studied anthropology, a field that studies human societies, cultures, and their development.

Not content with just a bachelor’s qualification, Natembeya furthered his education by pursuing a Master’s degree in Anthropology from the same institution.

George Natembeya Career

George Natembeya biography

George Natembeya started his career as a Personal Assistant to the late John Michuki, who served as Kenya’s Minister for Security.

After four years of serving alongside Michuki, Natembeya’s career progressed as he was promoted to the role of District Officer. His new responsibilities took him to Murang’a District, where he faced the challenge of controlling the Mungiki gang, a group that had been causing significant unrest in the area.

Natembeya’s next appointment was as the County Commissioner of Isiolo in 2016, where he continued to demonstrate his leadership abilities. In this role, he was tasked with protecting the Mau water towers, a critical environmental conservation effort. The position required him to navigate complex social and political dynamics, as he oversaw the eviction of over 10,000 settlers to preserve the vital water source.

George Natembeya biography

In June 2019, Natembeya was appointed as the Rift Valley Regional Commissioner, a role that placed him at the forefront of implementing government directives in one of Kenya’s largest regions. His tenure as Regional Commissioner was marked by decisive action and a commitment to enforcing the law, earning him respect and recognition for his administrative capabilities.

Natembeya’s career took a significant turn when he decided to enter the political arena. In January 2022, he resigned from his position as Regional Commissioner to run for the Governorship of Trans-Nzoia County.

The culmination of Natembeya’s career in public service came with his election as the Governor of Trans-Nzoia County following the 2022 General Elections. His victory was a reflection of the trust and confidence the people of Trans-Nzoia placed in him, based on his extensive experience and proven track record in administration and governance.

George Natembeya Wife and Children

George Natembeya is married to Lilian Khaemba, who has been a supportive partner throughout his career and political journey. Together, they have three children. Lilian, not being a politician herself, has nonetheless played a significant role in Natembeya’s public life, especially during his campaign for the governorship of Trans-Nzoia County. She has been seen offering moral support and pledging to take good care of the residents of Trans-Nzoia as their first lady.

George Natembeya Net Worth

George Natembeya’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million as of 2024.

George Natembeya Social Media Handles

George Natembeya is active on social media, and you can follow his updates on his verified Twitter and Facebook accounts:

  • Facebook: George Natembeya
  • Twitter: @Natembeya_G

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