Hassan Allahyari Biography: Wikipedia, Age, Nationality, Career, YouTube, Wife, Net Worth

Hassan Allahyari Biography

Hassan Allahyari is a Twelever Shia Researcher, Orator, and Debater. He was born in Kabul, Afghanistan, but after the Soviet-led invasion of Afghanistan, his family moved to the US and then to Iran.

He founded a TV channel named Ahlebait TV, which initially operated in Iran where he used to give sermons and do debates. However, the channel was later banned in Iran after the action of the Iranian Clerical Court against him and his channel in December 2010. Following this, he fled from Iran and took refuge in the UK and then later moved to San Diego, US.

Currently, Hassan Allahyari is known for hosting live and recorded debates, Q&A sessions, and short clips on various topics related to Islam and Shia beliefs on his YouTube channels.

Hassan Allahyari Age

Hassan Allahyari is 45 years old as of 2024.

Hassan Allahyari Nationality

Hassan Allahyari is originally from Iran.

Hassan Allahyari Early Life and Education

Hassan Allahyari was born in the bustling city of Tehran, Iran, in 1979. He attended Tehran University, a prestigious institution where he could delve into his dual passions. There, he pursued an ambitious course of study, combining the seemingly disparate disciplines of computer science and fine arts.

Allahyari’s academic journey did not end with his undergraduate studies. He continued to expand his horizons, earning a PhD in History.

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Hassan Allahyari Career

Hassan Allahyari’s career is marked by his significant contributions as a Twelever Shia Researcher, Orator, and Debater. His early career was influenced by his move from Afghanistan to Iran due to the Soviet invasion. In Iran, he became known for his sermons and debates, which were broadcasted on his own TV channel, Ahlebait TV.

Despite the success of Ahlebait TV, Allahyari faced challenges that led to the channel being banned by the Iranian Clerical Court in December 2010. This did not deter him; instead, it propelled him to seek refuge in the UK and later in the US, where he continued his work.

In the United States, Allahyari took advantage of the freedom of expression to expand his reach. He embraced digital platforms, particularly YouTube, to host live and recorded debates, Q&A sessions, and educational content. His channel has attracted a substantial following, with viewers tuning in for his insightful discussions on Islam and Shia beliefs, often within the context of Shia vs Sunni perspectives.

Allahyari’s career is also notable for his engagement with his audience. He provides various means for his followers to support his work, including links to donate and direct contact information.

Hassan Allahyari Personal Life

Hassan Allahyari is married and blessed with three children.

Hassan Allahyari Net Worth

Hassan Allahyari has an estimated net worth of $500,000 as of 2024.

Hassan Allahyari YouTube Channel

Hassan Allahyari has a presence on YouTube where he shares content related to his work. You can find him on YouTube under the handle @HassanAllahyari. He has channels in different languages catering to a diverse audience. For instance, there is a channel dedicated to Urdu content, Hassan Allahyari (Urdu), and another for English content, Hassan Allahyari English. These channels feature a variety of videos including live debates, Q&A sessions, and discussions on religious topics.

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