Judge Mandisa Maya Biography: Age, Wikipedia, Husband, Daughter, Career, Salary, Family, Net Worth

Judge Mandisa Maya Biography

Judge Mandisa Maya is a prominent figure in the South African judiciary who currently serves as the Deputy Chief Justice of South Africa, a position she has held since September 1, 2022. Prior to her current role, she was the President of the Supreme Court of Appeal from May 2017 to August 202.

Mandisa Maya has the distinction of being the first black woman to serve in the Supreme Court of Appeal, as well as its first woman deputy president and president.

Her career has been marked by several significant milestones, including her work as a prosecutor and state law adviser, and her appointment as an advocate in 1994. She was appointed to the High Court in May 2000 and elevated to the Supreme Court of Appeal in June 2006.

Judge Mandisa Maya Age

Judge Mandisa Maya is 60 years old as of 2024.

Judge Mandisa Maya Early Life and Education

Mandisa Muriel Lindelwa Maya was born on March 20, 1964, in Tsolo, Eastern Cape. Her family relocated to King William’s Town in 1966, following her father’s employment with Radio Bantu.

Mandisa attended school in King William’s Town until 1977, a year that saw the disruptive effects of the Soweto uprising. Consequently, she was sent to Mthatha for her schooling, where she matriculated from St John’s College in 1981.

Judge Maya’s pursuit of higher education in law began with a Bachelor of Procurationis (BProc) from the University of Transkei, laying the groundwork for her legal expertise. She furthered her academic credentials with an LLB from the University of Natal, demonstrating her commitment to legal scholarship.

Her educational journey did not stop there; she sought international exposure and advanced knowledge by obtaining an LLM from Duke University in the United States, specializing in labor law.

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Judge Mandisa Maya Career

After completing her education, Mandisa Maya began her professional journey as a court interpreter and prosecutor in the early 1980s in Mthatha. Her early experiences in the legal system were foundational, providing her with a practical understanding of the law in action. She later served as a law lecturer at the University of Transkei, sharing her knowledge and passion for law with aspiring students.

In 1993, Maya’s career took a significant turn when she was admitted as an advocate to the Johannesburg Bar. Her practice covered a wide range of legal areas, including constitutional, labor, administrative, and family law. Her advocacy skills and legal acumen quickly gained recognition, and in 1995, she was granted the right to appear in the High Court of South Africa, a privilege that further solidified her standing in the legal community.

Maya’s judicial career began in earnest in 2000 when she was appointed as a judge to the Eastern Cape Division of the High Court. Her tenure there was marked by her insightful judgments and her ability to handle complex legal issues with clarity and fairness. In 2005, she was elevated to the Supreme Court of Appeal, where she continued to distinguish herself through her well-reasoned judgments and her contributions to South African jurisprudence.

Her ascension to the role of Deputy President of the Supreme Court of Appeal in 2015 was a historic moment, as she became the first woman to hold this position. In this capacity, Judge Maya played a crucial role in the administration of the court and the oversight of its judicial functions.

In 2017, Judge Maya achieved another milestone when she was appointed as the President of the Supreme Court of Appeal. Her presidency was not just a personal achievement but also a significant moment for the judiciary in South Africa, as she became the first woman to lead the court.

Judge Mandisa Maya as First Female Justice

Judge Mandisa Maya has presided over and contributed to several notable cases throughout her career. Here are some of the key cases that highlight her judicial work:

  • Minister of Safety and Security v F: In this case, the majority held that the state could not be held vicariously liable for a minor’s rape by an off-duty police officer. However, Judge Maya found otherwise in her dissenting opinion, which was later upheld by the Constitutional Court in 2012 in F v Minister of Safety and Security.
  • Helen Suzman Foundation v Judicial Service Commission: This case dealt with the transparency of the Judicial Service Commission’s proceedings. Judge Maya was part of the bench that heard the case in November 2016.
  • AfriForum NPC v Chairperson of the Council of the University of South Africa: In this case, the Supreme Court of Appeal, with Judge Maya presiding, made a ruling in June 2020.
  • Sandvliet Boerdery (Pty) Ltd v Mampies: This case involved property rights and was heard by the Supreme Court of Appeal in July 2019.

Judge Mandisa Maya Recent Appointment

Judge Mandisa Maya’s most recent and historic appointment is as South Africa’s next Chief Justice. The Judicial Service Commission (JSC) has endorsed her for this prestigious position, following President Cyril Ramaphosa’s selection. This appointment is significant as it comes with an “enormous responsibility,” and Judge Maya has pledged to uphold the judiciary’s integrity amid various challenges. She is set to serve in this role until March 20, 2034, just shy of a full 12-year term.

Judge Mandisa Maya Husband and Children

Judge Mandisa Maya is married to Dabulamanzi Mlokoti and they have three children together including a daughter named Wela Mlokoti.

Judge Mandisa Maya Salary

Judge Mandisa Maya’s salary is reported to be about $25,000 annually.

Judge Mandisa Maya Net Worth

Judge Mandisa Maya’s net worth is estimated to be around $500,000 USD as of 2024.


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