Leandro Leviste Biography: Wikipedia, Age, Parents, Career, Solar Philippines, Wife, Family, Net Worth

Leandro Leviste Biography

Leandro Leviste is the founder and CEO of Solar Philippines, which is the largest solar company in Southeast Asia. He founded the company in 2013, while he was still a sophomore at Yale University.

Under his leadership, Solar Philippines has embarked on utility-scale solar farms, contributing significantly to the renewable energy sector in the Philippines and Southeast Asia.

Leviste has been recognized for his efforts in making cheap, reliable electricity universally accessible, and his company has been involved in several high-profile projects, including turning SM North EDSA into the world’s biggest solar-powered mall.

Leandro Leviste Age

Leandro Leviste is 31 years old as of 2024.

Leandro Leviste Parents

Leandro Leviste’s mother, Loren Legarda, is a well-known senator, and his father, Antonio Leviste, served as the governor of Batangas.

Leandro Leviste Early Life and Educational Background

Leandro Leviste was born in 1993 in the Philippines. His educational journey took him to Yale University, where he pursued Political Science. It was during his time at Yale that his entrepreneurial spirit began to shine. Between his second and third years, he recognized the potential of solar energy to address the high electricity rates in the Philippines, which are among the highest in Asia.

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Leandro Leviste Career

Leandro Leviste biography

Leandro Leviste’s career is a testament to his vision and dedication to renewable energy. He founded Solar Philippines in 2013, while still a student at Yale University, with the goal of making solar power more accessible and affordable in the Philippines. His company quickly grew to become the largest solar company in Southeast Asia, with over 300 MW of generating capacity and significant land area for solar farms.

Leviste’s entrepreneurial journey didn’t stop with Solar Philippines. He expanded his business ventures by acquiring a significant stake in ABS-CBN Corp., becoming the second-largest shareholder after the Lopez Group.

In addition to his role in Solar Philippines, Leviste has held several key positions, including Chairman & CEO of Solar Philippines Tarlac Corp., and Chairman, President & CEO of Solar Philippines Power Projects Holdings, Inc..

Leviste’s knack for identifying undervalued companies with turnaround potential is evident in his investment choices. His decision to sell his majority stake in SPNEC to a unit of Manila Electric Co. (Meralco) for P15.9 billion to fund a 3,500-megawatt solar project showcases his ability to make bold and impactful business decisions.

Throughout his career, Leviste has been a member of prestigious organizations such as the Makati Business Club, The Management Association of the Philippines, and the National Renewable Energy Board.

Leandro Leviste Personal Life

As of now, Leandro Leviste is not married and does not have children.

Leandro Leviste Net Worth

As of 2024, Leandro Leviste’s net worth is estimated to be around $230 million.

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