Liema Big Brother Mzansi Biography: Age, Real Name, Career, Net Worth, Photos, Boyfriend, Instagram

Liema Big Brother Mzansi Biography

Liema is a contestant from the 2024 season of Big Brother Mzansi. She’s a 22-year-old student and bartender from the Eastern Cape. Known for her authenticity and openness, Liema entered the Big Brother house with the intention of staying true to herself and possibly finding love.

During her time on the show, she became one of the successful female housemates and was widely regarded as a beautiful and talented R&B singer and songwriter.

In a significant twist of the season, Liema was presented with a choice: to stay in the game and compete for the grand prize of R2 million or to take R250,000 and leave the house immediately. She chose the latter, exiting the competition with the cash prize.

Liema Big Brother Mzansi Age

Liema is 22 years old as of 2024.

Liema Big Brother Mzansi Real Name

Her real name is Liema Phantsi.

Liema Big Brother Mzansi Early Life and Education

Liema was born on January 25, 2002 in Qonce, situated in the Eastern Cape province. Raised in a Christian household, she received unwavering support from her parents and siblings.

liema big brother mzansi biography

Liema delved into screen acting at the EbonyLife Creative Academy, while also immersing herself in diverse techniques and styles through the Royal Arts Academy and the African International Film Festival Acting Masterclass.

How did Liema get into the Big Brother Mzansi show

liema big brother mzansi biography

Liema entered the Big Brother Mzansi show by participating in the audition process. Aspiring contestants were required to submit a two-minute audition tape showcasing their personality and explaining why they should be chosen to be part of the show.

The auditions were open online, and applicants needed to fill out a form and upload their video audition. Liema’s authenticity and vibrant personality likely helped her stand out during the selection process, securing her a spot in the Big Brother house.

Liema Relationship with Jareed in the Big Brother Mzansi show?

Liema and Jareed’s relationship in the Big Brother Mzansi show was quite eventful. They initially clicked and shared an intense kiss, which seemed to solidify their blossoming romance. However, the dynamics changed when Jareed got involved with another housemate, Mpumi, leading to a surprising turn of events where Liema and Mpumi agreed to an open relationship with Jareed. This development was unexpected and captured the attention of fans and viewers, sparking various reactions and discussions about the nature of their relationship within the show.

Liema Big Brother Mzansi Net Worth

Liema has an estimated net worth of $35,000 as of 2024.

Liema Big Brother Mzansi Social Media Handles

  • Instagram: liyema_pantsi
  • Twitter: @liampantsy

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