Pavan Datta IAS Biography: Wikipedia, Age, Education, Career, Profession, Wife, Son, Net Worth

Pavan Datta IAS Biography

Pavan Datta, an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer, achieved the 22nd rank in the UPSC civil services examination of 2022. Initially trained as a doctor at SV Medical College in Tirupati, he transitioned to civil services driven by the profound impact of administrative management during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Opting to prepare for the UPSC exam independently, Pavan chose Anthropology as his optional subject. His dedication and effort reflected in his scores, with 294 marks in the optional section and an impressive 440 marks in the Mains exam.

Currently serving as a Super Mentor at Civilsdaily IAS, Pavan generously shares his expertise and strategies with aspiring civil servants. His mentorship extends to conducting sessions on note-making techniques and Mains exam preparation, enriching the learning experience for aspirants.

Pavan Datta IAS Age

Pavan Datta IAS was born in 1994. He’s 29 years old as of 2024.

Pavan Datta IAS Early Life and Education

Dr. GVS Pavan Datta waa to a family deeply rooted in the educational and service sectors, Pavan’s early life was marked by an environment that valued learning and social contribution. His father, G Venkateswarlu, served in the Life Insurance Corporation of India, while his mother, S Lalitha Kumari, imparted knowledge as a teacher at Zilla Parishad High School in Koduru.

From a young age, Pavan exhibited a keen intellect and a propensity for academic excellence. His formative years were spent at Viswabharati High School in Gudivada, where he received a free education that laid the foundation for his future endeavors.

Pavan’s academic journey continued as he excelled in the Andhra Pradesh EAMCET, securing a commendable 60th rank, which paved the way for his admission into the prestigious MBBS program at Sri Venkateswara Medical College in 2014.

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Pavan Datta IAS Career

Dr. GVS Pavan Datta’s career as an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer began with a remarkable achievement: securing the 22nd rank in the UPSC civil services examination on his first attempt, without any formal coaching.

His decision to join the civil services was a pivot from his initial career in medicine. As a physician, Dr. Datta had firsthand experience with the healthcare system during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Upon entering the civil services, Dr. Datta brought with him a unique perspective shaped by his medical background. His understanding of the healthcare sector’s intricacies and challenges equipped him with the insight to contribute meaningfully to public policy and governance, particularly in health-related domains.

Throughout his preparation for the UPSC examination, Dr. Datta adopted a strategic approach. He chose Anthropology as his optional subject, considering it a scoring field, and dedicated himself to mastering the subject matter. His hard work paid off with an impressive score of 294 in this paper.

Dr. Datta’s interview process for the IAS also reflected his medical expertise, with a significant portion of the questions centered around his background in healthcare. His responses demonstrated not only his knowledge but also his ability to apply it to the administrative framework of the civil services.

Pavan Datta IAS Personal Life, Wife and Son

Pavan Datta, an IAS officer, is married to Dr. Anusha, who shares his profession as a doctor and shares his aspiration to pursue a career in civil service. Their union took place in February 2023, shortly after Pavan successfully cleared the UPSC exam. Welcoming their son, Aarav, into the world in December 2023, their family blossomed.

Deeply rooted in his faith, Pavan Datta is a devout Hindu who follows the Vaishnava tradition. Embracing a vegetarian lifestyle and abstaining from alcohol, he upholds his beliefs with conviction. In his leisure moments, Pavan indulges in reading books, watching movies, and engaging in the strategic game of chess.

Pavan Datta IAS Net Worth

As of 2024, Pavan Datta has an estimated net worth of $65,000.

Pavan Datta IAS Instagram Handle

  • Instagram: Dr PavanDatta IAS (@gvs_pawandatta)

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