Pavithra Jayaram Biography: Age, Cause of Death, Accident, Husband, Career, Movies, TV Shows, Family, Net Worth

Pavithra Jayaram Biography

Pavithra Jayaram was a well-known actress in the Kannada and Telugu entertainment industries. She was renowned for her portrayal of Thilottama in the successful Telugu television series Trinayani. Tragically, she passed away in a car accident in Telangana’s Mahbubnagar district.

Her career began with the Kannada TV show Jokali, and she made her Telugu TV debut with Ninne Pelladatha in 2018. However, it was her role in Trinayani that made her a household name.

In this post, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know about Pavithra Jayaram, her age, cause of death, career, movies, tv shows, husband and more.

Pavithra Jayaram Age

Pavithra Jayaram was born on 7 April 1970. She passed away at the age of 54.

Pavithra Jayaram Hometown

Pavithra Jayaram hailed from the state of Karnataka, India.

Pavithra Jayaram Career

Pavithra Jayaram biography

Pavithra Jayaram’s career in the entertainment industry began in the Kannada television industry with the serial Jokali, where she first showcased her acting skills.

In 2018, Pavithra made her debut in the Telugu television industry with Ninne Pelladatha. This move expanded her reach and introduced her to a new audience who appreciated her fresh approach to acting. It wasn’t long before she became a familiar face on Telugu television, earning the respect of her peers and the love of viewers.

Pavithra Jayaram biography

Pavithra’s breakthrough role came with the Telugu television series Trinayani, where she played the character Thilottama.

Apart from her television success, Pavithra also ventured into films. She appeared in the Telugu-language romantic drama film Buchinaidu Kandriga. The film dealt with themes of love, societal boundaries, and family opposition, and Pavithra’s role added a significant layer to the narrative.

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Pavithra Jayaram Films and TV Shows

Pavithra Jayaram’s filmography includes a variety of roles in both television and film. Here is a list of her works:


  • Jokali (Kannada)
  • Robot Family (Kannada)
  • Galipata (Kannada)
  • Chandra Chakori (Kannada)
  • Ee Bandhana (Kannada)
  • Gokuladalli Seethe (Kannada)
  • Vaishnavi (Kannada)
  • Gundyana Hendthi (Kannada)
  • Neeli (Kannada)
  • Parinaya (Kannada)
  • Vidya Vinayaka (Kannada)
  • Radha Ramana (Kannada)
  • Mangala Gowri Maduve (Kannada)
  • Sevanthi (Kannada)
  • Ninne Pelladatha (Telugu)
  • Trinayani (Telugu)
  • Swarna Palace (Telugu)


  • BucchiNaidu Kandriga (Telugu)
  • Melobba Mayavi (Kannada)
  • Manjari (Kannada)

Pavithra Jayaram’s Death

Pavithra Jayaram, the renowned Kannada and Telugu TV actress, tragically passed away on Sunday, May 12, 2024, following a devastating car accident. The accident occurred near Mehboob Nagar in Hyderabad as she was returning to Hanakere in Mandya district of Karnataka. Her car lost control and collided with a divider, which led to a collision with a bus on the right side of the vehicle. Pavithra Jayaram died at the scene, while her fellow passengers sustained serious injuries. Her funeral was held on Monday, May 13, 2024.

Pavithra Jayaram Husband and Children

Pavithra Jayaram was married to actor Chandrakanth, also known as Challa Chandru. The couple had two children together: Kalidas Jayaram (son), Malavika Jayaram (daughter). 

Pavithra Jayaram Net Worth

Pavithra Jayaram had an estimated net worth of $500,000 USD.

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