Rajan Ji Maharaj Biography: Wikipedia, Age, Religion, Career, Achievements, Wife And Children

Rajan Ji Maharaj  Biography

Pujya Rajan Ji Maharaj, whose original name is Rajan Tiwari, is a revered spiritual storyteller and Hindu orator known for his captivating narrations of the Ramcharitmanas. Born into a Brahmin family from Siwan, Bihar, he spent his early years in Kolkata, West Bengal, where he developed a deep interest in spirituality that would shape his life’s work.

Rajan Ji Maharaj has a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from a local college. Despite his scientific education, his heart remained with spirituality, and he eventually embraced his calling as a Katha-vachak, a role in which he excels due to his exceptional oratory skills.

Today, Rajan Ji Maharaj is celebrated for his spiritual discourses and bhajans in both Hindi and Bhojpuri, which resonate with millions of followers. His YouTube channel has garnered over 11 lakh subscribers, reflecting his immense popularity.

Rajan Ji Maharaj Early Life and Education

Rajan Ji Maharaj, originally known as Shri Rajan Tiwari, was born into a Brahmin family in Kolkata, West Bengal, with ancestral roots tracing back to Siwan, Bihar. His formative years were spent in Kolkata, where he attended a government school for his early education before obtaining a BSc degree in Chemistry from a local college.

From a tender age, Rajan Ji Maharaj displayed a keen interest in spirituality and the teachings of Ramcharitmanas, laying the foundation for his lifelong dedication to these pursuits. It was under the mentorship of Prembhushan Ji Maharaj that he delved deeper into his spiritual journey, mastering the art of narrating Ram Katha and embracing it as his enduring profession.

Rajan Ji Maharaj Career

Rajan Ji Maharaj embarked on his professional journey as a chemist at a Kolkata-based company following the completion of his BSc Chemistry degree. Despite his academic pursuits in the scientific realm, his heart resonated with spirituality and the teachings of Ramcharitmanas, prompting him to relinquish his corporate career to pursue his true passion.

Under the guidance of Prembhushan Ji Maharaj, Rajan Ji Maharaj immersed himself in the art of narrating Ram Katha, igniting a spiritual journey that would soon capture the hearts of many.

Harnessing the power of digital platforms, Rajan Ji Maharaj found a global audience through his YouTube channel, where he shares enlightening content ranging from Ram Katha and Sunderkand to Ramayana, Ram Leela, and devotional bhajans. With a staggering subscriber base exceeding 2 million and millions of views on his videos, his teachings resonate far and wide.

In addition to his online presence, Rajan Ji Maharaj traverses across India and beyond, conducting Ram Katha events that draw thousands of devotees seeking spiritual enlightenment. Charging substantial fees for his Katha and bhajans, he utilizes the proceeds to meticulously organize these events and fund charitable endeavors, embodying the ethos of giving back to society.

Rajan Ji Maharaj is also the founder of the Shri Ram Katha Sewa Samiti, a benevolent organization dedicated to extending free educational, healthcare, and other essential services to the underprivileged. Beyond his philanthropic endeavors, he actively engages in diverse social and environmental initiatives, including tree planting, river cleaning, and advocating for organic farming practices.

Rajan Ji Maharaj Personal Life

Rajan Ji Maharaj is married and has two children—a son and a daughter.

Rajan Ji Maharaj Net Worth

As of 2024, Rajan Ji Maharaj’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million.

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