Raka (Punjabi Singer) Biography: Wikipedia, Age, Career, Songs, Caste, Contact Number, Girlfriend, Net Worth

Raka (Punjabi Singer) Biography

Raka is a talented Punjabi singer, music director, lyricist, and composer who has made a significant impact in the Punjabi music industry. He is particularly known for his song “Amli Anthem,” which has garnered over 50 million views on YouTube.

Born in 1997 in Gellan Pind, Kotkapura, Jalandhar, Raka comes from a middle-class family and faced many challenges during his childhood. Despite these difficulties, he received great support from his parents to pursue his career in music.

After completing his schooling, where he was known to be quite mischievous, Raka was inspired to make music by watching YouTube videos. He started composing music at home and sharing his work online

His talent was recognized when he composed the music for “Jhanjhra” by Karan Randhawa, which was well-received by the audience. This success led to more opportunities, including composing for the hit song “Phulkari,” also by Karan Randhawa.

Raka  Age

Raka is 27 years old as of 2024.

Raka Early Life and Education

Raka was born in 1997 in Gellan Pind, Kotkapura, Jalandhar, where he grew up with his parents and siblings.

Raka completed his early education at a local school in his hometown of Galan Pind, Kotkapura. He attended multiple schools until the 12th grade, as he frequently changed schools due to his mischievous nature during his childhood.

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Raka Career

Raka’s career began with a simple yet profound step: making music after completing his 12th standard. The turning point came when he decided to turn his passion into a profession, inspired by motivational videos on YouTube. This inspiration led him to compose music and share it online, where he quickly garnered attention for his unique style and sound.

His recognition as a music director came with his work on Karan Randhawa’s songs “Jhanjra” and “Phulkari,” both released in 2020. These tracks were not only hits but also served as a showcase for Raka’s versatility as a composer and lyricist.

Raka’s career took a significant leap with the release of “Amli Anthem,” a song that he both wrote and performed. The track became a viral sensation, amassing over 50 million views on YouTube, and cemented Raka’s reputation as a singer to watch out for.

Following the success of “Amli Anthem,” Raka continued to explore his musical abilities, leading to the release of his EP “On My Own.” This collection of songs, including hits like “First Sight” and “Money Shit,” highlighted his growth as an artist and his commitment to creating music that resonates with his fans.

Raka’s music videos have become a staple in the Punjabi music industry, with each release eagerly anticipated by his growing fan base. His official YouTube channel showcases a variety of tracks that span different themes and emotions, all unified by Raka’s distinctive voice and lyrical depth.

Raka Songs

Here’s a list of songs by Raka, the Punjabi singer:

  • Amli Anthem
  • First Sight
  • Money Shit
  • Not OK
  • On My Own
  • Early 2000s
  • Boli Janda C
  • Viah (Ft. Miss Pooja)
  • Hikayat – A Story
  • Kalakaar
  • Pjja K Leja
  • Phulkari (Music for Karan Randhawa)
  • Jhanjra (Music for Karan Randhawa)
  • Glock (Music for Karan Randhawa)
  • Kaali Raat (Music for Karan Randhawa)
  • Gede (Music for Karan Randhawa)
  • Asla (Music for Karan Randhawa)
  • Nashedi Akhan (Music for Simar Dorraha)
  • Paune 12 (Music for Karan Randhawa)
  • Jameson (Music for Pavitar Lassoi)
  • Nasha Patta (Music for Vadda Grewal)
  • Jatti (Music for Karan Randhawa)
  • Mere Wall (Music for Karan Randhawa)
  • Underdog (Music for Simar Dorraha)
  • Acting (Music for Karan Randhawa)
  • 7 Parchay (Music for Sippy Gill)
  • Ki Lagda
  • PB29 (Music)
  • Cobra Driver
  • Show

Raka Personal Life and Girlfriend

Raka is currently in a relationship but his girlfriend is not publicly known.

Raka Net Worth

Raka has an estimated net worth of $2 million as of 2024.

Raka Social media handles

Raka, the Punjabi singer, has a presence on various social media platforms where you can follow his work and updates:

  • YouTube: RAKA (@raka_music). 
  • Instagram: @raka_kon

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