Razia From Muvhango Real Name, Age, Bio, Wikipedia, Career, Net Worth

Who is Razia From Muvhango?

Razia is a character from the popular South African television series Muvhango. She appears in the episodes aired around mid-May 2024. In the episode aired on Monday, 13 May, Razia is noted for preparing a Sudanese dish for Tendamudzimu and Ndiwavho.

She also interacts with another character, Tshililo, and despite being impressed by his attempts to fix a bad first impression, she turns down a relationship with him. The character of Razia adds to the rich tapestry of stories that Muvhango is known for, which often explores the conflict between traditional and modern ways.

Razia From Muvhango Real Name

The real name of the character Razia from the South African soap opera Muvhango is Langiey Rasikhinya.

Razia Early Life and Education

As of now, Details about Razia’s early life, and educational background are not disclosed.

Razia Career in Muvhango

Razia From Muvhango real name and age

Razia, a character from the South African soap opera Muvhango, is portrayed by an actress who has built a career off the well-loved drama series. The show itself has been a significant platform for many actors and actresses to develop their careers, showcasing their talents in a series that explores the conflicts between traditional and modern lifestyles in South Africa.

Razia Personal Life

Razia prefers to keep details of her person life and relationship private.

Razia Net Worth

Razia has an estimated net worth of $15,000 as of 2024.

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