Sanju Rathod (Singer) Biography: Wikipedia, Hometown, Age, Career, Songs, Girlfriend, Net Worth

Sanju Rathod Biography

Sanju Rathod is a multi talented Indian musical artist involved in the Marathi music scene. He is known for his work as a singer, lyricist, and composer. Some of his works include songs like “Raja Rani,” “Gulabi Sadi,” and “Kaymcha Single,” which have been released on various platforms and have garnered significant viewership.

He also has an official YouTube channel where he publishes his music videos. His song “Nauvari” was very popular, with a significant number of views on YouTube.

Sanju Rathod Hometown

Sanju Rathod’s hometown is a village called Dhanwad in Maharashtra, India.

Sanju Rathod Career

Sanju Rathod (Singer) Biography

Sanju Rathod’s career in the entertainment industry is marked by his multifaceted talent as a singer, lyricist, and composer. He has made a significant impact in the Marathi music scene with his vibrant and catchy songs that resonate with the cultural ethos of Maharashtra. His official YouTube channel, Sanju Rathod SR, showcases a variety of his musical works and has amassed a substantial following, reflecting his popularity and the appeal of his music.

In addition to his contributions to music, Sanju Rathod has also been recognized in the sports arena, particularly in Kabaddi. He has been profiled as a rising star in the Yuva Kabaddi Series, where his performance as a right raider has been noted. Although his career stats in Kabaddi are still budding, his involvement in the sport highlights his diverse interests and abilities beyond music.

Sanju Rathod (Singer) Biography

Rathod’s musical journey is characterized by his hands-on approach to his art. He is not only involved in the audio aspects of his work but also takes part in directing and producing his music videos. This level of involvement indicates a deep passion for his craft and a desire to connect with his audience through various forms of media. His song “Gulabi Sadi” is a testament to his skill, with its production credits listing him as the singer, lyricist, and composer, which has garnered millions of views and widespread acclaim.

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Sanju Rathod Songs

Here’s a list of songs by Sanju Rathod:

  • Gulabi Sadi
  • Nauvari
  • Bullet Wali (Ft. Darshan Rathod)
  • Jhumka
  • Dil Ke Tukde
  • Mera Shambhu
  • Butterfly
  • Ladki Pahije
  • Dimple Rap Version
  • Love You Na Yaar
  • Dorla
  • Love Again – 1 Min Music
  • Kaymcha Single
  • Karmat Nahi
  • Chhamiya
  • Mi Pan Tujhyavar Line Marte
  • Style Martay
  • Raja Rani
  • Bappawala Gana 5.0 (Bappacha Swapna)
  • Bappa Waala Gaana 1

Sanju Rathod Personal Life

Sanju Rathod is currently single and not in any relationship.

Sanju Rathod Net Worth

Sanju Rathod has an estimated net worth of $300,000 as of 2024.

Sanju Rathod Social Media Handles

  • YouTube: Sanju Rathod SR
  • Instagram: sanjurathod07

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