Sneha Mehra IPS Biography: Wikipedia, Age, Education, Career, Husband, Family

Sneha Mehra IPS Biography

Sneha Mehra is a 2018 batch IPS officer who was recently appointed as the Deputy Commissioner of Police (South) in Hyderabad by the State government. She is the first woman IPS officer to hold this position in the south zone, which is considered to be a communally sensitive area in Hyderabad.

Her appointment came after the Election Commission of India requested the State government to transfer the previous DCP, P Sai Chaitanya, and provide a list of three IPS officers who could replace him. The ECI selected Sneha Mehra for this crucial role.

Sneha Mehra IPS Early Life and Education

Sneha Mehrawas born and raised in India. She pursued her education with dedication and determination. She completed her schooling and higher secondary education in India. Later, she secured admission to a prestigious university where she studied law enforcement and criminal justice.

Sneha Mehra IPS Career

sneha mehra ips biography

After successfully clearing the IPS examination, Sneha underwent rigorous training at the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy (SVPNPA) in Hyderabad.

Sneha’s initial postings included stints as an Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) in various districts. During this period, she gained practical experience in maintaining law and order, handling criminal cases, and ensuring public safety.

Sneha’s dedication to her duty led her to take on challenging assignments. As an IPS officer, she actively participated in operations against organized crime, drug trafficking, and anti-social elements.

Sneha’s exemplary performance led to her rapid promotions within the IPS hierarchy. She served as a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) and later as an Additional Superintendent of Police (ASP).

Her leadership skills were put to the test when she was appointed as the Superintendent of Police (SP) in a challenging district. Under her leadership, the district witnessed a significant reduction in crime rates and improved community-police relations.

Sneha’s versatility as an IPS officer allowed her to handle diverse roles. She was entrusted with specialized assignments, such as overseeing cybercrime investigations, counter-terrorism operations, and women’s safety initiatives.

Sneha Mehra IPS Historic Appointment as DCP (South)

sneha mehra ips biography

In a historic move, Sneha Mehra was appointed as the Deputy Commissioner of Police (South) in Hyderabad. She became the first woman IPS officer to hold this crucial position in the sensitive south zone.

Sneha Mehra IPS Husband and Son

sneha mehra ips biography

Sneha Mehra is married to Rahul Mehra, and their wedding took place on March 13, 2009.The couple has a son named Hridhaan Mehra.

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