Susan Nakhumicha Biography: Wiki, Age, Education, Career, Husband, Net Worth

Susan Nakhumicha Biography

Susan Nakhumicha Wafula is a Kenyan politician and supply chain expert who was appointed as the Cabinet Minister for Health in Kenya in September 2022.

She has a background in logistics and healthcare management, with experience working at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), and in Kenyan politics.

Her education includes a Diploma in Pharmacy from Kenya Medical Training College, a Diploma in Healthcare Management from Kenya Institute of Management, and advanced degrees in Procurement and Management, Supply Chain Management, and Business Management from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.

Susan Nakhumicha Age

Susan Nakhumicha is 39 years old as of 2024.

Susan Nakhumicha Early Life and Education

Susan Nakhumicha was born on March 19, 1985 in the vibrant town of Kitale, located in Kenya’s Trans-Nzoia County.

Education played a pivotal role in Susan’s life from an early age. After completing her primary and secondary education with a keen interest in science and health, she was admitted to the Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC). There, she pursued and obtained a Diploma in Pharmacy, laying the groundwork for her future endeavors in healthcare management.

Driven by a desire to expand her expertise, Susan continued her academic journey at the Kenya Institute of Management (KIM). It was here that she earned a Diploma in Healthcare Management, further solidifying her foundation in the medical field.

Susan’s pursuit of higher education did not stop there. In 2012, she enrolled at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT), where she achieved a Bachelor’s Degree in Procurement and Management. This was followed by a Master of Science in Supply Chain Management and a Doctor of Philosophy in Business Management.

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Susan Nakhumicha Career

susan nakhumicha biography

Susan Nakhumicha Wafula’s career is a testament to her dedication and expertise in healthcare management and logistics. Before venturing into politics, she amassed a wealth of experience in the medical supply chain sector. Her career began at the Mission for Essential Drugs and Supplies (MEDS), a Catholic NGO in Kenya, where she played a crucial role in procurement and logistics.

Her skills further developed at the Nairobi Women’s Hospital, where she served as the manager of procurement and logistics. This role allowed her to refine her abilities in managing complex healthcare systems and ensuring the efficient delivery of medical supplies. Additionally, she held the position of Pharmaceutical Technologist-in-charge at the AAR Healthcare Kisumu Branch, which added to her diverse experience in the field.

susan nakhumicha biography

Nakhumicha’s expertise was recognized internationally when she joined the Institute for Global Health Sciences at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). As the Head of Supply Chain, she oversaw the supply chain for the Global Programme for Research and Training, contributing to significant healthcare research initiatives.

In 2022, Nakhumicha transitioned into the political arena, joining Kenya’s elective politics. She ran for the Trans-Nzoia Women’s Constituency seat on the Ford Kenya political party ticket. Despite not winning the election, her campaign demonstrated her commitment to public service and her desire to apply her professional expertise to benefit the larger community.

susan nakhumicha biography

Her political journey took a significant turn when she was appointed as the Cabinet Minister for Health in Kenya’s Cabinet in September 2022. This role placed her at the forefront of the nation’s health sector, where she is responsible for shaping health policies and overseeing the implementation of healthcare programs across the country.

Offices Held By Susan Nakhumicha

Susan Nakhumicha Wafula has held several notable positions throughout her career:

  • Pharmaceutical Technologist-in-charge at the AAR Healthcare Kisumu Branch.
  • Manager of Procurement and Logistics at the Nairobi Women’s Hospital.
  • Head of Supply Chain at the Institute for Global Health Sciences, University of California, San Francisco (UCSF).
  • Cabinet Secretary for Health in the Cabinet of Kenya, appointed in September 2022.

Susan Nakhumicha Personal Life

Susan Nakhumicha is not married and does not have children as of now.

Susan Nakhumicha Net Worth

Susan Nakhumicha’s net worth is estimated to be around Ksh 100 million as of 2024.

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