Trisha Kar Madhu Biography: Age, Wikipedia, Career, Movies, Viral Video, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Instagram

Trisha Kar Madhu Biography

Trisha Kar Madhu is a Bhojpuri actress known for her work in the Bhojpuri film industry. She was born in West Bengal in 1994 and began her career as a model before transitioning to acting.

She has appeared in films such as “Dulhan Ganga Paar Ke,” “Jaani Dushman,” and “Mukaddar,” and is also featured in many item songs with leading actors of the Bhojpuri cinema.

In 2021, she was involved in a controversy when a private video of her went viral, leading to significant trolling and negative comments on social media. Despite the backlash, she has continued to be active on her social media platforms, sharing posts and engaging with her audience.

Trisha Kar Madhu Age

Trisha Kar Madhu is 29 years old as of 2024.

Trisha Kar Madhu Early Life and Education

Trisha Kar Madhu was born on September 2, 1994, in Konnagar, West Bengal, into a Bengali family and she attended Mani School in Kolkata for her secondary education.

After completing her secondary education, Trisha continued her academic journey at Ashutosh College in Kolkata, where she graduated.

Trisha Kar Madhu Career

Trisha Kar Madhu Biography

Trisha Kar Madhu’s career in the entertainment industry began with her early modeling pursuits. She first stepped into the limelight in 1999, winning titles such as Miss Salem, Miss Chennai, and Miss Madras, which paved the way for her entry into the acting world. Her initial foray into cinema was through the Tamil film ‘Jodi’ in 1999, but it was the Bhojpuri film industry that truly recognized her talent and offered her a platform to shine.

Trisha Kar Madhu Biography

In the Bhojpuri cinema, Trisha Kar Madhu quickly made a name for herself, not just for her acting prowess but also for her captivating dance performances in item songs. She starred in notable films like “Dulhan Ganga Paar Ke,” “Jaani Dushman,” and “Mukaddar,” sharing the screen with some of the industry’s leading actors.

Trisha Kar Madhu remains a sought-after actress in the Bhojpuri film industry, with her latest project being the movie “Namak Haram,” where she is rumored to play a significant role.

Trisha Kar Madhu Movies

Trisha Kar Madhu has appeared in several Bhojpuri films throughout her career. Some of her notable movies include:

  • Hum Hai Hindustani
  • Dulhan Ganga Paar Ke
  • Jaani Dushman
  • Mukaddar

Trisha Kar Madhu Boyfriend

Trisha Kar Madhu Boyfriend

Trisha Kar Madhu is currently in a relationship with Rakesh Mishra, an Indian actor and singer, known for his works in Bhojpuri films and music.

Trisha Kar Madhu Controversy and Viral Video

Trisha Kar Madhu was involved in a significant controversy in 2021 when a private video of her went viral on social media. The video allegedly showed her in an intimate setting with an unidentified man, which led to widespread trolling and negative comments online. Despite the personal nature of the incident, the video received a lot of attention and sparked discussions about privacy and consent.

Following the incident, Trisha Kar Madhu faced a challenging period, with the controversy affecting her public image. She took to social media to address the issue, expressing her distress over the leak and urging people to respect her privacy.

Trisha Kar Madhu Net Worth

Trisha Kar Madhu Biography

Trisha Kar Madhu’s net worth is estimated to be around INR 10 Crore as of 2024.

Trisha Kar Madhu Social Media Handles

Trisha Kar Madhu is active on various social media platforms. You can follow her official Instagram account @trishakarmadhuofficial. She also has a presence on Facebook under her name “Trisha Kar Madhu”.

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