Faith Stanley Biography: Age, State Of Origin, Career, Movies, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Instagram

Faith Stanley

Ogbijoko Faith Eloho, popularly known as Faith Stanley, is an actress known for her roles in the TV series “The Olive” where she played Adaora from 2021 to 2023, and “The Brightons” in 2022. She has also been credited in “Riona” as Young Arubi.

Additionally, she is actress with a playing range of 14 to 25, dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, light-skinned African appearance, and a petite/sporty build. She is bilingual, speaking English, Isoko, and Nigerian Pidgin English.

Faith Stanley Age

Faith Stanley is in her early 20s.

Faith Stanley Height

Faith Stanley’s height as 1.542 meters.

Faith Stanley Career

Faith Stanley biography

Faith Stanley’s career journey is a testament to her dedication and passion for the performing arts. She began her acting career in the Nigerian film industry, often referred to as Nollywood, which is known for its prolific output of movies.

Faith Stanley biography

Her early roles were in short films and local theater productions, where she quickly gained recognition for her natural talent and expressive performances. This exposure led to her being cast in more significant roles in television series and feature films, marking the start of her ascent in the industry.

Faith Stanley biography

Her breakthrough came with the role of Arubi in the critically acclaimed series “Amriona,” where she delivered a performance that resonated with audiences and critics alike. The complexity of her character showcased her ability to convey deep emotions and her versatility as an actress. Following this success, she continued to take on challenging roles that spanned various genres, from drama to comedy, further establishing her as a rising star in Nollywood.

Faith Stanley biography

In addition to her acting career, Faith Stanley is also a talented singer and songwriter. Her musical abilities have allowed her to contribute to the soundtracks of the productions she’s been involved in, adding another layer to her artistic repertoire.

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Faith Stanley Movies

Here’s a list of movies featuring the talented Nigerian actor Faith Stanley:

  • The Olive (2021-2023): Faith Stanley played the role of Adaora in this TV series.
  • The Brightons (2022): She portrayed the character Regina.
  • Zero Hour (2022): She took on the role of an abductor.
  • Riona (2020): She appeared as Young Arubi, although it was credited only.
  • Amriona (2020): Portrayed Arubi.
  • Amvenge (2021-2022): Played the role of Esosa.
  • The Olive (2020-2022): Featured as Adaora.
  • Oasis the Enemy Within (2020-2021): Acted as Temisan.
  • Mama’s Book (2018): Took on the character of Mofe.
  • Mr. Wonderful (2020): Cast as Onyenka.
  • Secret Life of a Troll (2022): Played Lilo.
  • Onyeegwu (2022): Starred as Bella.
  • INI The Musical (2022/23): Appeared as Young Imafiiong.
  • Regret: Featured in a role for the movie showcased in the trailer on Gechi Exclusive TV.
  • Faith: A full Nigerian movie listed on D Nolly TV, where she likely had a significant role.
  • After School (2024)
  • Home at Last

Faith Stanley Boyfriend

As of now, Faith Stanley does not have a boyfriend. She’s currently single.

Faith Stanley Net Worth

Faith Stanley biography

Faith Stanley has an estimated net worth of  $20,000 as of 2024.

Faith Stanley Instagram Presence

Faith Stanley has a presence on Instagram, where she shares updates about her work, personal life, and interacts with her fans. Her Instagram handle is @f.aithstanley.

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