Abdu Rozik Biography: Age, Wikipedia, Girlfriend, Marriage, Career, Songs, Family, Net Worth, Instagram

Abdu Rozik Biography

Abdu Rozik is a Tajikistani singer and social media influencer, known for his unique voice and presence on various platforms.  He gained recognition for his participation in the Indian reality show Bigg Boss 16 in 2022 and as a guest contestant on Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi 13 in 2023.

Abdu was diagnosed with dwarfism as a child, a condition that could have been treated with proper medical intervention. However, due to his family’s financial constraints, he was unable to receive treatment, leading to his stunted growth.

Abdu Rozik’s career began to take off in 2019 when he received mentorship and financial support from Tajikistani rapper-blogger Baron, who also convinced Abdu’s father to let him pursue singing. After moving to Dubai with Baron, Abdu sang various Tajikistani songs and gained popularity.

Abdu Rozik Age

Abdu Rozik will be 21 years old by September 2024.

Abdu Rozik Early Life and Education

Abdu Rozik biography

Abdu Rozik was born on September 23, 2003, in Gizhdarva, Panjakent, Tajikistan. From an early age, he faced the trials of a rare health condition known as rickets, which led to his characteristic small stature. The condition, often preventable with proper nutrition and medical care, went untreated due to the financial limitations of his family.

Abdu Rozik’s formal education was limited due to his family’s financial situation and his health condition. He did not attend school regularly and often missed out on formal education as he had to sing in markets and on the streets of Panjakent to support his family. There are mentions that he completed his 10th grade at a local high school, but as of now, he hasn’t attended any college or university for higher education.

Abdu Rozik Career

Abdu Rozik biography

Abdu Rozik’s journey began in 2019 when he was discovered by Tajikistani rapper-blogger Baron, who became his mentor and financial supporter. With Baron’s encouragement, Abdu’s father allowed him to pursue a career in singing, leading to a life-changing move to Dubai.

There, Abdu sang traditional Tajikistani songs, captivating audiences with his voice and charm. His renditions of songs like “Ohi Dili Zor,” “Chaki Chaki Boron,” and “Modar” resonated with many, laying the foundation for his burgeoning career.

Abdu Rozik biography

The year 2021 marked a significant milestone for Abdu as he ventured into the Indian music scene. His cover of the Hindi song “Enna Sona” by Arijit Singh went viral, expanding his fan base and bringing his talent to the attention of a wider audience. This exposure led to an invitation to the prestigious 22nd IIFA Awards ceremony in Abu Dhabi, where he performed the Hindi song “Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga,” dedicating it to Bollywood superstar Salman Khan.

Abdu’s charisma and talent caught the eye of the Indian entertainment industry, leading to his participation in the reality show Bigg Boss 16 in 2022. His endearing personality and musical prowess won the hearts of viewers, further elevating his status as a media sensation. Before his stint on Bigg Boss, Abdu also made his acting debut in the Hindi film “Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan,” showcasing his versatility as an artist.

Abdu Rozik biography

In 2023, Abdu continued to diversify his career by joining the adventure reality show Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi 13 as a guest contestant. His participation in the show demonstrated his willingness to take on new challenges and step outside his comfort zone. Additionally, he made guest appearances on other television programs such as “Entertainment Ki Raat Housefull” and “Bigg Boss OTT 2,” further solidifying his place in the entertainment world.

Beyond television, Abdu has also made strides in music, releasing singles like “Chota Bhaijaan” in 2022 and “Pyar” in 2023. His discography continues to grow, reflecting his experiences and the challenges he has overcome.

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Abdu Rozik Achievements

At just 17 years old, Abdu was awarded the prestigious Golden Visa from the UAE, making him the first individual from Tajikistan to receive this honor. As a UAE resident, he has enjoyed active promotion by the government, further elevating his profile.Engagement

In 2021, La Liga, the Spanish football league, collaborated with Puma to appoint him as the presenter for the official design of the match ball, demonstrating his expanding influence beyond the realm of music. Additionally, Abdu has garnered numerous awards, including the esteemed Celebrity Influencer of the Year award, cementing his status as a notable figure in the industry.

Abdu Rozik Girlfriend and Engagement

Abdu Rozik has announced his engagement and upcoming marriage. He is set to marry on July 7, 2024. The social media sensation shared the news on Instagram, along with a glimpse of the beautiful diamond ring he purchased for his wife-to-be. Abdu, at the age of 20, is reportedly marrying a 19-year-old Emirati girl from Sharjah.

Abdu Rozik Net Worth

Abdu Rozik has an estimated net worth of $2 million USD as of 2024.

Abdu Rozik Social Media Handles

Abdu Rozik is quite active on social media, where he shares updates about his life, music, and various appearances. Here are his main social media handles:

  1. Instagram: @abdu_rozik with over 8.3 million followers, where he posts a mix of personal, musical, and promotional content.
  2. YouTube: He has a presence on YouTube where he posts his music and fitness videos, as well as humorous sketches. His channel’s name is Abdu Rozik.

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