Bisade Ologunde Biography: Age, State Of Origin, Musical Career, Songs, Wife, Family, Net Worth

Bisade Ologunde Biography

Bisade Ologunde, known by his stage name Lagbaja, is a prominent Nigerian afrobeat musician, singer-songwriter, and percussionist. He is celebrated for his unique style, which blends traditional Yoruba music with jazz and funk. Lagbaja is also recognized for his iconic use of a mask to cover his face, symbolizing the faceless and voiceless in society, especially in Africa.

Lagbaja, whose name means “anonymous” or “faceless one” in Yoruba, started his music career in the early 1990s. He formed his first band in 1991 in Lagos after teaching himself to play the saxophone. His music often addresses themes of social reform and unity.

Bisade Ologunde has a rich discography that includes albums like ‘Ikira’ (1993), ‘Cest Un African Thing’ (1996), ‘ME’ (2000), ‘WE’ (2000), ‘Africano… the mother of groove’ (2005), and ‘200 Million Mumu (The Bitter Truth)’ (2012).

Bisade Ologunde Age

Bisade Ologunde is 64 years old as of 2024.

Bisade Ologunde State Of Origin and Hometown

Bisade Ologunde hails from Odogun’s Compound, Ijagbo Community in the Oyun Local Government Area of Kwara State, Nigeria.

Bisade Ologunde Early Life

Bisade Ologunde was born in 1960 in the bustling city of Lagos, Nigeria. His early years were steeped in the rich cultural heritage of the Yoruba people, which later heavily influenced his music and stage persona.

Growing up in Lagos, Lagbaja’s interest in music was sparked at a young age, leading him to teach himself how to play the saxophone. His passion for music was matched by his dedication to social issues, which would become a recurring theme throughout his career. In 1991, he formed his first band in Lagos, marking the beginning of his journey as a professional musician.

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Bisade Ologunde Musical Career

Bisade Ologunde’s music career began in the early 1990s when he formed his first band in Lagos, Nigeria. The name Lagbaja, meaning “anonymous” in Yoruba, reflects his artistic philosophy of being the voice for the voiceless, a theme that resonates throughout his career. His choice of stage attire—a mask—symbolizes the common man and aligns with the Yoruba tradition of masked carnival figures.

Lagbaja’s music is characterized by its social commentary, aiming to inspire change and unity. His album “We Before Me,” released in 2000, exemplifies this, demanding honesty from politicians and urging brotherhood and unity. His lyrics often share the spotlight with backup singers, as seen in his collaboration with Ego Ihenacho, and his saxophone playing, influenced by greats like John Coltrane and Pharoah Sanders, adds a powerful dimension to his melodies,

Throughout the 1990s and into the new millennium, Lagbaja’s fame soared as he became an icon of Afrobeat music. His masked persona became a symbol of his artistic expression and his commitment to representing the common man.

Lagbaja’s discography is extensive, with albums such as ‘Ikira’ (1993), ‘C’est Un African Thing’ (1996), ‘ME’ (2000), ‘WE’ (2000), ‘Africano… the mother of groove’ (2005), and ‘200 Million Mumu (The Bitter Truth)’ (2012).

Recognition for Lagbaja’s contributions to music came in various forms, including awards and international acclaim. In 2006, he won the Best Male Video at the Channel O Music Video Awards for his song “Never Far Away.”

Bisade Ologunde Songs

Here are some songs by Bisade Ologunde:

  • Konko Below
  • Feyin E
  • Nothing For You
  • Lagbaja E Go Better
  • Never Far Away
  • Toun T’erin
  • Gra Gra
  • Prayer For the Youth
  • Skentele Skontolo
  • Ilu Re O
  • Enu Dun Ro’Fo
  • Suure Lere
  • Simple Yes or No
  • Baby Ta Ni Ko Fe Wa
  • Gangan & Omele # 2
  • Me And You No Be Enemy
  • I’m So Lucky
  • Rock Me Gentle
  • Coolu Temper
  • Bling Bling Panda
  • Akebaje
  • A O M’erin J’Oba
  • Agidigbo
  • Olagbaja Ma Tun De O
  • Put Am Well Well
  • Million
  • Shake Body
  • Abami
  • Sobolation
  • Subo

Bisade Ologunde Personal Life

Bisade Ologunde is quite private about his personal life. While it is known that he is married, he has not publicly disclosed detailed information about his wife and children. He prefers to keep his family life away from the public eye, allowing his music and masked persona to take center stage.

Bisade Ologunde Net Worth

Bisade Ologunde has an estimated net worth of approximately $2 million as of 2024.

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