Clinton Joshua Biography: Age, Parents, State Of Origin, Girlfriend, Career, Movies, Net Worth, Instagram

Clinton Joshua Biography

Clinton Joshua is an emerging Nigerian actor and model who has quickly risen to fame, particularly for his role in the popular movie “When Angels Meet.” He co-starred in this film with notable actors such as Enock Darko, Precious Akaeze, Chioma Edak, Emeka Eze, and Momachi Godson. The movie was produced by Uchenna Mbunabo and released on the Uchenna Mbunabo TV YouTube channel, which helped catapult Joshua into the spotlight.

Clinton Joshua is also a model. He has showcased his modeling skills at events like the GTCO Fashion Weekend powered by GT Bank in November 2022 and the VVS Lagos show in July 2023.

In addition to his breakout role, he has appeared in other movies such as “A Troubled Heart,” co-starring with Somadina Adinma and Precious Akaeze.

Clinton Joshua Age

Clinton Joshua is 26 years old as of 2024.

Clinton Joshua State of Origin

Clinton Joshua’s state of origin is Edo State in the southern part of Nigeria. He hails from the Esan tribe, which is a subgroup of the Edo people in Edo State.

Clinton Joshua Early Life and Education

Clinton Joshua was born in 1998 in Edo, State where he grew up with his family and attended both primary and secondary schools.

After completing his secondary education, Clinton Joshua pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of KwaZulu-Natal, where he majored in English and media communication.

Clinton Joshua Career

Clinton Joshua Biography

Clinton Joshua’s foray into the limelight began with his innate talent for modeling, which opened doors to the world of entertainment.

In 2023, Clinton made a bold leap into Nollywood, guided by the mentorship of esteemed producer Uchenna Mbunabo. His debut in the hit movie “When Angels Meet” was a turning point, as his portrayal garnered widespread acclaim and catapulted him into the spotlight.

Clinton’s career trajectory continued to ascend as he captivated audiences with compelling performances in subsequent films. His roles in “The Young Couple” and “Treasure In The Sky” further solidified his place in the hearts of moviegoers.

Clinton Joshua biography

As for his filmography, it stands as a testament to his talent and versatility as an actor. From his breakout role in “When Angels Meet” to his captivating performances in “Through His Eyes,” “Open Day,” “The Unseen Truth,” and a myriad of other projects, Clinton continues to captivate audiences with his compelling portrayals and nuanced characters.

Clinton Joshua has been recognized for his talent in the acting field. He received rave reviews for his performance in the movie “When Angels Meet” and won the Best Actor award at the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards.

Clinton Joshua Movies

Clinton Joshua, the talented Nigerian actor and model, has made a significant impact in Nollywood with his captivating performances. Here are some of the movies he has starred in:

  • Ken & Kate
  • When You Are Mine
  • Through His Eyes
  • Perfect For Me
  • When Angels Meet
  • Twist Of Love
  • Treasure In The Sky
  • Alone With You
  • My Virgin Son
  • A Troubled Heart
  • Young Couple
  • Love Syndrome
  • A Tickle To My Heart
  • Seduction
  • The Perfect Match
  • The Royal Wedding
  • The Billionaire’s Daughter
  • The Game Changers
  • The Proposal (web series)
  • The Breakup (web series)
  • The Surprise (web series)
  • Open Day
  • The Unseen Truth
  • The Choice (produced and directed by Clinton Joshua)
  • The Promise (produced and directed by Clinton Joshua)
  • The Journey (produced and directed by Clinton Joshua)
  • Forever (single released by Clinton Joshua)
  • The Star (album released by Clinton Joshua)
  • Annabelle (fiction story)
  • When Angels Meet (the movie that brought him to the limelight)

Clinton Joshua Personal Life

Clinton Joshua biography

Clinton Joshua is currently single and has expressed that he is open to exploring a relationship. He has mentioned that he receives messages from female admirers, indicating his openness to giving love a try.

Clinton Joshua Net Worth

Clinton Joshua’s net worth is estimated to be around $50,000 as of 2024.

Clinton Joshua Instagram Handle

Clinton Joshua is active on Instagram and you can connect with him using the handle below:

  • Instagram: @wys_clint

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