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Dabota Lawson Biography

Dabota Lawson is a Nigerian entrepreneur, model, and former beauty queen. She gained prominence after participating in Nigeria’s Top Model contest in 2007 and winning the Miss Nigeria beauty UK pageant in 2009.

Aside from her success in pageantry, she is also known for her role in the movies “Finding Mercy 1 and 2” and as the founder and owner of Dabota Cosmetics, based in Lekki, Lagos.

She was previously married to Nigerian billionaire Sunny Aku in 2014, but the couple divorced after facing marital issues. Despite the challenges following her divorce, including being mocked for starting her business from scratch, Dabota has successfully grown her cosmetics brand and commands a significant following on social media.

Dabota Lawson Age

Dabota Lawson is 33 years old as of 2024.

Dabota Lawson State Of Origin

Dabota Lawson hails from Rivers, State Nigeria.

Dabota Lawson Early Life and Education

Dabota Lawson was born on June 2, 1991 in Rivers State, but she moved to United Kingdom at the age of 16.

Dabota Lawson pursued higher education in the UK, first in college and then at the University of Leicester. She studied Financial Economics, a field that would equip her with the knowledge to manage finances and understand economic trends.

After her stint at the University of Leicester, Dabota furthered her education at the London School of Business and Finance. Here, she studied Accounting and Business, disciplines that would further sharpen her acumen in managing her future business ventures.

Dabota Lawson Career

dabota lawson biography

Dabota Lawson’s journey into the limelight began with her participation in Nigeria’s Top Model contest in 2007, which paved the way for her subsequent victory in the Miss Nigeria beauty UK pageant in 2009.

The title of Miss Nigeria UK opened many doors for Dabota, introducing her to new opportunities and challenges. Despite facing rejection and criticism, she remained undeterred, using her setbacks as stepping stones to greater achievements. Her modeling career flourished as she participated in several pageants and modeling competitions, always with the determination to succeed and the courage to face any obstacle.

dabota lawson biography

Transitioning from modeling to acting, Dabota showcased her versatility by featuring in movies such as “Finding Mercy 1 and 2”. Her foray into acting allowed her to explore new creative avenues and further establish her presence in the entertainment industry.

However, it is her venture into the world of business that truly exemplifies Dabota’s entrepreneurial spirit. Combining her educational background in Financial Economics with her passion for beauty, she founded Dabota Cosmetics. The brand has become a leading name in the Nigerian beauty industry, offering a range of products that cater to the diverse beauty needs of women across the country.

dabota lawson biography

Dabota’s business acumen didn’t stop at cosmetics. She expanded her empire to include Dabota Water, further showcasing her ability to identify and capitalize on market opportunities. Her success story is particularly inspiring because she had to start from scratch after her divorce, building her business to the point of selling below the staircase of a mall.

Dabota Lawson Marriage, Husband & Daughter

dabota lawson biography

Dabota Lawson was married to Nigerian billionaire Sunny Aku. The couple’s wedding was a lavish affair, reflecting their status in society and attended by several notable personalities. It took place at the Sky Terrance Hall, a venue befitting the grandeur of the occasion.

Sunny Aku, a successful businessman, and Dabota Lawson entered into matrimony in 2014. At the time of their marriage, Dabota was 23 years old, while Sunny Aku was 58, which drew public attention due to the significant age difference. However, Dabota stood firm in her decision, asserting that she married for love and the age gap was not a concern for her.

The union was blessed with the arrival of their daughter on Saturday, October 8, 2016, bringing joy to the couple and their families.

Dabota Lawson’s Divorce

Dabota Lawson’s marriage to Sunny Aku ended in divorce, a decision that came after reports of marital issues and claims of infidelity. The former beauty queen filed for divorce in 2016, just months after the birth of their daughter. The separation was a significant event in Dabota’s life, as she faced public scrutiny and had to rebuild her life and business from scratch.

After the divorce, Dabota recounted how she was mocked for leaving her billionaire husband and starting her business under the staircase of a mall.

Dabota Lawson Net Worth

dabota lawson biography

Dabota Lawson has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million as of 2024.

Dabota Lawson Instagram Handle

  • Instagram: @dabotalawson

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