Dorcas Adeyinka Biography: Age, State Of Origin, Career, Controversy, Arrest, Husband, Net Worth

Who is Dorcas Adeyinka?

Dorcas Adeyinka is a Nigerian Blogger based in the United Kingdom. She is known as an entrepreneur who gained popularity through her business ventures. Additionally, she is a social media influencer and philanthropist, running a blog called TMS blog.

Dorcas Adeyinka has recently been declared wanted by the Nigerian Police Force. The allegations against her include cyberstalking, abduction, and murder. The police notice, issued on May 12, 2024, also mentions charges of injurious falsehood, threats to life, and extortion.

Dorcas Adeyinka Age

Dorcas Adeyinka is 40 years old as of 2024.

Dorcas Adeyinka State Of Origin

Dorcas Adeyinka hails from Ekiti state, Nigeria.

Dorcas Adeyinka Career

Dorcas Adeyinka biography

Dorcas Adeyinka’s career is multifaceted, reflecting her diverse interests and talents. She is primarily known as an entrepreneur who has made a name for herself through various business ventures.

In addition to her business acumen, Adeyinka is a social media influencer and philanthropist. Her influence extends across various platforms where she engages with a wide audience on topics ranging from lifestyle to business.

Dorcas Adeyinka biography

Adeyinka also runs a blog called TMS blog, which serves as a platform for her to share insights, experiences, and advice. The blog has garnered a significant following due to its engaging content and Adeyinka’s authentic voice. Through her blog, she has been able to reach a broader audience, spreading her message of empowerment and self-improvement.

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Dorcas Adeyinka Controversy and Arrest

Dorcas Adeyinka has been embroiled in a controversy leading to her being declared wanted by the Nigerian Police Force. The charges against her include cyberstalking, abduction, murder, injurious falsehood, threats to life, and extortion. This declaration was made through a Special Police Gazette Bulletin issued by the Inspector-General of Police Monitoring Unit.

Adeyinka has denied the allegations, stating that she did not ignore a police invitation and that the charges against her are unfounded. Her lawyer has also come forward, asserting that Adeyinka is a law-abiding citizen and that the police cannot declare someone wanted whose case is already in court. The lawyer emphasized that the matter is already undergoing legal proceedings and highlighted a previous instance where charges against Adeyinka were dismissed due to lack of evidence.

Dorcas Adeyinka Personal Life

Dorcas Adeyinka is married and has children.

Dorcas Adeyinka Net Worth

Dorcas Adeyinka biography

Dorcas Adeyinka has an estimated net worth of $200,000 as of 2024.

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