Dulcie Boateng Biography: Wiki, Age, Career, Boyfriend, Snapchat, Net Worth, Photos, Controversy

Dulcie Boateng Biography

Dulcie Boateng is a Ghanaian businesswoman and social media influencer who is often referred to as the “Queen of Snapchat.”

She is the CEO of Dulce Emporium, a company that assists businesses in growing through marketing on platforms like Snapchat and others.

Dulcie Boateng Age

Dulcie Boateng is 26 years old as of 2024.

Dulcie Boateng Early Life and Education

Dulcie Boateng was born in 1998 in Ghana. She spent three formative years at Achimota School, a prestigious institution in Ghana.

Driven by ambition, Dulcie pursued higher education at Wisconsin University. Over four years, she dedicated herself to her studies, ultimately graduating with a degree in Human Resource Management.

Dulcie Boateng Career

Dulcie Boateng biography

Dulcie Boateng burst onto the social media scene as the “Queen of Snapchat.” In 2017, she began sharing fun videos of herself, captivating audiences with her infectious energy and dance moves. Her Snapchat presence quickly grew, and she became one of Ghana’s most well-known users.

Beyond Snapchat, Dulcie harnessed her influence to promote businesses. As the CEO of Dulce Emporium, she assists companies in growing through marketing on various platforms. Her knack for providing exposure and attention to start-ups and enterprises has made her a sought-after collaborator. Whether it’s showcasing products or creating buzz, Dulcie’s marketing acumen shines through.

Dulcie Boateng biography

Dulcie’s entrepreneurial spirit extends beyond the digital realm. She owns Female Plug and other enterprises. Notably, she gifted her mother a whopping GH₵50,000 and two Range Rovers, a testament to her success. From promo girl gigs to working as a bottle girl at Club Onyx, Dulcie’s career trajectory is as diverse as her talents.

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Dulcie Boateng Controversy

Recently, Dulcie organized an informal sales event called the Porials Pitch around the Accra Mall area. However, this event led to some controversy. On April 20, 2024, she was arrested alongside several organizers by the police in collaboration with the Pharmacy Council of Ghana and the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA). Items seized included boric acid suppositories, bootyzone butt enlargement products, weight gain syrups, flat tummy potions, and soaps.

Dulcie Boateng Personal Life

Dulcie Boateng biography

Dulcie Boateng had a beautiful relationship with her partner, whom she only partially flaunted on Snapchat. His face remained hidden from the public eye, as she shared only images of his back with her followers. On her 21st birthday, her boyfriend generously funded a trip to Singapore, providing her with a memorable experience.

Their relationship, however, hit a snag after returning to Ghana. Despite her previous posts portraying them as a happy couple, the relationship quickly fell apart.

Dulcie Boateng Net Worth

Dulcie Boateng biography

Dulcie Boateng has an estimated net worth of $400,000 as of 2024.

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