Iqra Hasan Biography: Age, Wikipedia, Parents, Brother, Political Career, Family, Net Worth

Iqra Hasan Biography

Iqra Hasan is the younger sibling of Nahid Hasan, a prominent leader affiliated with the Samajwadi Party (SP) who is currently incarcerated. She has been nominated as the SP-Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD) alliance candidate from Kairana, a constituency in Uttar Pradesh.

Having graduated in history from Lady Sri Ram College in Delhi, Iqra Hasan furthered her education by pursuing law at the Faculty of Law, Delhi University. She then pursued her master’s degree in international law and politics at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), a constituent college of the University of London.

Returning to India in January 2021, Iqra Hasan has actively engaged in politics since 2015. Over the years, she has participated in zilla panchayat elections as well as contested in various assembly and Lok Sabha elections in Kairana and other regions.

Iqra Hasan Age

Iqra Hasan is 29 years old as of 2024.

Iqra Hasan Early Life and Education

Iqra Hasan, born in 1995 in Kairana, a town in western Uttar Pradesh, hails from a family deeply entrenched in politics. Her late father, Munawwar Hasan, served as a four-time MP from Kairana, while her mother, Tabassum Hasan, has held positions as both MP and MLA from the same constituency.

Having completed her schooling in Kairana, Iqra Hasan ventured to Delhi for her higher education pursuits. She earned her undergraduate degree in History from Lady Sri Ram College, a prestigious institution affiliated with Delhi University. Subsequently, she pursued law at the Faculty of Law, Delhi University, where she cultivated an interest in international law and politics.

Seeking to broaden her horizons, Iqra Hasan pursued a master’s degree in international law and politics from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), a constituent college of the University of London. Upon completing her studies, she returned to India in January 2021.

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Iqra Hasan Career

Iqra Hasan, a young political figure and activist from Uttar Pradesh, India, emerges as a prominent voice in the political arena. As the sibling of Nahid Hasan, a leader of the Samajwadi Party (SP) currently in custody, she has assumed a pivotal role in overseeing her brother’s electoral campaign. Actively engaged in garnering support for the Kairana Assembly seat in Uttar Pradesh’s Shamli district, she spearheads the efforts to secure votes.

Iqra Hasan embarked on her political journey by contesting the zilla panchayat elections in 2015 from Kairana, marking her debut in electoral politics. Emerging victorious, she secured a seat and assumed responsibilities as a member of the local self-government body. Furthermore, since 2014, she has been actively involved in campaigning for both her brother and mother in various elections, thereby solidifying her presence and influence in the political landscape.

Iqra Hasan was nominated by the SP and she contested for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections from Kairana. She encountered a formidable opponent in the BJP’s candidate, Mriganka Singh, daughter of the late BJP MP Hukum Singh. The electoral battle in Kairana symbolized a clash of prestige between the Hasan and Singh families.

Despite facing stiff competition, Iqra Hasan clinched victory in the Kairana constituency by a narrow margin of 8,000 votes, triumphing over Mriganka Singh. Her win not only secured her a seat in the 18th Lok Sabha but also earned her the distinction of being one of its youngest members. Additionally, she proudly assumed the mantle as the third successive generation of the Hasan family to represent Kairana in Parliament, following in the footsteps of her esteemed father and mother.

Iqra Hasan emerged as a prominent and eloquent leader within the Lok Sabha, advocating for various issues affecting her constituency, including farmers’ distress, unemployment, law and order, and communal harmony. Additionally, she addressed broader national and international concerns, such as human rights, democracy, and development.

In the lead-up to the UP Assembly elections in 2027, Iqra Hasan allied with the SP-RLD coalition, formed to counter the BJP’s influence. Tasked with spearheading the campaign efforts in the western UP region, where the alliance boasted a strong support base, she actively campaigned for the coalition’s candidates. Furthermore, she threw her support behind Jayant Chaudhary, the RLD chief, endorsing his candidacy for the position of chief minister.

Iqra Hasan’s contribution was instrumental in securing victory for the SP-RLD alliance in the UP Assembly elections. With the alliance clinching 210 seats out of 403, they established a majority government. Following the victory, Jayant Chaudhary assumed office as the chief minister and appointed Iqra Hasan as his deputy. In addition to her deputy chief minister role, she was entrusted with the crucial portfolios of home, finance, and education.

Iqra Hasan Personal Life

Iqra Hasan is currently single. She’s not in any relationship and she is not married as of now.

Iqra Hasan Net Worth

As of 2024, Iqra Hasan has an estimated net worth of INR 15,568,000.

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