Jodok Cello Biography: Wikipedia, Nationality, Age, Career, Songs, Wife, Family, Net Worth

Jodok Cello Biography

Jodok Cello, whose real name is Jodok Vuille, is a professional Swiss cellist, pianist, and arranger. He enjoys combining music with beautiful nature shots and has gained popularity on social media platforms.

He has a YouTube channel where he posts his cello covers of various songs, including “Insomnia” by Faithless and “Faded” by Alan Walker. His cover of “The Wellerman (Sea Shanty)” has garnered significant views, and he has a substantial following on platforms like Spotify and iTunes.

Jodok Cello Age

Jodok Cello is 35 years old as of 2024.

Jodok Cello Nationality

Jodok Cello is from Switzerland.

Jodok Cello Early Life and Education

Jodok Cello was born in 1989 in Emmental, Canton Bern, Switzerland. Raised on a farm, he was introduced to the cello at the tender age of seven by DJ Bobo’s cousin, who was his first cello teacher.

For his formal education, Jodok pursued teaching, specializing in sport, music, and of course, the cello. He completed his training and became a teacher in Hergiswil, Canton Lucerne, where he balanced his time between educating young minds and nurturing his own musical skills.

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Jodok Cello Career

Jodok Cello biography

Jodok Cello’s career, which began in the pastoral landscapes of Emmental, Switzerland, took a turn towards global recognition when he decided to share his talent with the world through social media.

His rise to fame was catalyzed by a serendipitous moment when actor Pierce Brosnan shared one of Jodok’s music videos on Instagram. This endorsement led to an explosive increase in his social media following, propelling him into the spotlight and catching the attention of renowned DJ Alan Walker.

Jodok Cello biography

Jodok’s approach to music is characterized by his unique blend of classical and modern styles. He is known for his barefoot performances, a trademark that began as a practical solution to “too ugly” shoes but has since become a symbol of his authentic and grounded persona. His music videos, often set against the backdrop of stunning natural scenery, have resonated with millions, earning him a fan base that spans continents.

Jodok Cello Songs

Jodok Cello has an impressive discography that showcases his talent for blending classical cello music with contemporary hits. Here’s a list of some of his notable songs:

  • The Wellerman (Sea Shanty)
  • Nothing Else Matters (Cello Version)
  • Faded (Cello Version)
  • Dance Monkey
  • My Heart Will Go On (Cello Version)
  • Sky Boat Song (Outlander)
  • Believer (Cello Version)
  • Game Of Thrones (Cello Cover)
  • Shape Of You (Cello Version)
  • Hit The Road Jack (Cello Cover)
  • Keine Maschine (Cello Cover)
  • I’m Good (Blue) (Cello Cover)
  • Wednesday Cello (Improvisation)
  • Hava Nagila
  • Who I Am (Cello Version)
  • Relaxing Piano & Cello Music: Meditation, Stress Relief, Healing, Yoga, Relaxing, Sleeping
  • Drunken Sailor
  • Children (Cello Version)
  • Air (Bach) (Cello)
  • Another Love (Cello Cover)

Jodok Cello Wife

Jodok Cello is married to Stefanie Burgener.

Jodok Cello Net Worth

Jodok Cello has an estimated net worth that ranges between $700,000 as of 2024.

Jodok Cello Social Media Handles

Jodok Cello maintains a strong online presence across various social media platforms. Here are his official social media handles:

  • YouTube: @jodokcello
  • Instagram: @jodokcello
  • TikTok: @jodokcello
  • Facebook: Jodok Cello

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