Jonita D Cruz Biography: Wikipedia, Age, Career, Net Worth, Movies, Husband And Children

Jonita D Cruz Biography

Jonita D’Cruz is an Indian model, actress, and social media influencer known for her work in various web series. She was born and raised in Mumbai. She faced challenges early in life, including her parents’ separation when she was 10 years old. She was brought up by her father, grandmother, and her aunt and uncle.

Jonita started her career with the title of Mrs. Inspiration Face of Mumbai and was also crowned Miss Universe of Nashik.

She has appeared in the main cast of the web series ‘Choked’ released on the Ullu app and is set to appear in ‘Choked Part 2’. Her acting credits include roles in web series like ‘Godaniya’, ‘Galtiyan’, ‘Anant Vasna’, and more.

Jonita D Cruz Hometown

Jonita D Cruz hails from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Jonita D Cruz Age

Jonita D Cruz is 39 years old as of 2024.

Jonita D Cruz Early Life and Education

Jonita was born on April 27, 1985, in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, into a Christian family. Her father, Roque D Cruz, and her mother, Baby D Cruz, raised her alongside her brother, Kenneth D Cruz.

She attended St. Blaise High School in Mumbai, where her interest in arts and culture flourished. Engaging in various extracurricular activities, Jonita showcased her academic brilliance.

For her higher education, Jonita enrolled at Rizvi College in Mumbai, focusing on commerce. During her college years, she discovered a passion for modeling and fashion. Participating in numerous local and national beauty contests, she garnered several titles and accolades. Notably, she was crowned Miss Universe of Nashik in 2022, propelling her into the spotlight with fame and recognition.

Jonita D Cruz Career

Jonita D Cruz embarked on her modeling journey during her college years, driven by her passion for fashion and glamour. Participating in various local and national beauty contests, she clinched titles like Miss Nashik, Miss Maharashtra, and eventually, Miss India.

Her modeling gigs extended to collaborations with different brands and products, including appearances in commercials, earning her widespread popularity and acclaim in the industry.

Transitioning into the entertainment arena, Jonita made her debut with the web series “Choked,” released on Ullu in 2024. Portraying a young, innocent character ensnared in a web of lies and deception, she left a lasting impression on both audiences and critics alike. Her performance garnered admiration and a growing fan base on social media platforms.

Continuing her ascent in the web series realm, Jonita starred in “Anant Vasna,” released on Mini TV in 2024. Here, she embodied the role of a bold, seductive woman engaged in an affair with a married man. Displaying her versatility as an actress, she also delivered captivating performances in steamy scenes, solidifying her status as one of the industry’s most coveted web series actresses.

Expanding her horizons beyond language and genre barriers, Jonita ventured into Tamil web series with “Naayaadi,” released on Voovi App in 2023. In this series, she portrayed a journalist investigating a mysterious murder, showcasing her acting prowess in a different cultural context.

Additionally, she delved into the thriller genre with “Hunters,” released on Primeplay in 2024, where she portrayed a relentless cop pursuing a serial killer, further establishing her versatility and talent in diverse roles.

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Jonita D Cruz Movies

Jonita D’Cruz has made notable appearances in various web series rather than traditional movies. Here’s a list of her works:

  • Anant Vasana (2023): A family drama Hindi web series available on Bull Original App.
  • Thand Ka Maza (2024): A TV mini-series where Jonita played a significant role.
  • Godaniya (2023): A TV series that featured Jonita in a prominent role.
  • Jaal (2024): Another TV mini-series where Jonita showcased her acting skills.
  • Galtiyan (2024): A TV series where Jonita was part of the main cast.
  • Choked (2024): A web series released on the Ullu app where Jonita played the character Sai.

Jonita D CruzCruz Personal life

Jonita got married in 2006 but separated from her husband in 2016 due to an abusive relationship. She has two sons, Prince and Yokane, and one adopted daughter, Manisha.

Jonita D Cruz Hobbies and Interests

Jonita D Cruz enjoys acting, traveling, modeling, and is a nature lover and bike rider. Her favorite color is yellow, and she is a hardcore non-vegetarian food lover.

Jonita D Cruz Net Worth

Jonita D Cruz has an estimated net worth of $150,000 as of 2024.

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