Karen Read Biography: Wikipedia, Age, Boyfriend, Career, Trial, Case Summary, Verdict, Bail, Net Worth

Karen Read Biography

Karen Read is a Massachusetts woman who has been charged with the murder of her boyfriend, John O’Keefe, a police officer. The incident occurred on January 29, 2022, when O’Keefe was found dead in a fellow officer’s driveway after a night out drinking. The case has gained significant attention due to the circumstances surrounding O’Keefe’s death and the subsequent trial of Karen Read.

The prosecution alleges that Read, after a night of drinking, struck O’Keefe with her car while making a three-point turn and left him to die in a snowbank. The defense argues that Read is the victim of an elaborate cover-up and is being framed by a group of people, including law enforcement.

The trial has included various testimonies, including those from a former member of the Massachusetts State Police crime lab and a pathologist, as well as evidence such as “flirty” texts exchanged between Read and a federal agent just weeks before O’Keefe’s death.

Karen Read Age

Karen Read is 44 years old as of 2024.

Karen Read Height

Karen Read stands at 5 feet 6 inches tall.

Karen Read Early Life and Education

Karen Read was born in 1979 and she was raised in a supportive household by her parents, William and Janet Read. She attended Mansfield High School and later went to Bentley University, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in finance in 2004. She furthered her education by obtaining a master’s degree in 2006 and eventually completed her Ph.D. in finance in 2010.

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Karen Read Career

Karen Read has had a distinguished career in both teaching and finance. She is a Member of the CFA Institute and the Boston Security Analysts Society, showcasing her professional commitment to the field of finance.

Her expertise led her to a significant role in academia as she served on the faculty in the Finance Department of Bentley University for over 13 years

In addition to her academic endeavors, Karen Read also worked as an equity analyst at Fidelity Investments.

Karen Read Boyfriend

Karen Read’s boyfriend was John O’Keefe, a 46-year-old Boston police officer. He was found dead in the snow outside a friend’s house on January 29, 2022, after a night out drinking.

Karen Read Murder Allegation, Case and Trial

Karen Read was accused of several serious charges in connection with the death of her boyfriend, John O’Keefe. Now let me walk you through the case:

The Incident

On January 29, 2022, Boston police officer John O’Keefe was found dead in the snow outside a friend’s home in Canton, Massachusetts. Karen Read, his girlfriend, was charged with his murder.

The Night of the Tragedy

The evening before the discovery, Read and O’Keefe, along with friends, had been drinking at the Waterfall Bar and Grill in Canton. Later, Read drove O’Keefe to the home of Boston police officer Brian Albert, where a gathering was taking place. It was the last time O’Keefe was seen alive.

The Relationship

Leading up to the incident, text messages and voicemails indicated a strained relationship between Read and O’Keefe. On the night of O’Keefe’s death, Read left a voicemail for him expressing anger and frustration. This evidence played a crucial role in the prosecution’s narrative of a troubled relationship culminating in a fatal altercation.

The Discovery

In the early hours, as heavy snow fell, Read and two friends began searching for O’Keefe when he failed to return home. Around 6 a.m., they found him lying in the snow outside Albert’s home. Read was heard saying, “I hit him,” which became a pivotal statement in the case.

The Charges

Initially, Read faced manslaughter charges, but these were later upgraded to second-degree murder. She was also charged with motor vehicle manslaughter while driving under the influence and leaving the scene of a collision causing injury and death. Read pleaded not guilty to all counts.

The Prosecution’s Case

Prosecutors alleged that Read, under the influence of alcohol, struck O’Keefe with her SUV while making a three-point turn and then left the scene. They argued that the couple’s relationship was deteriorating and that O’Keefe had intended to end it before his death.

The Defense

Read’s defense team argued that she was the victim of an elaborate cover-up and was being framed by a group of people, including law enforcement. They contested the prosecution’s claims and suggested that the evidence against Read was manipulated.

The Trial

The trial began in April 2024 and has featured several key testimonies. Jurors have heard from various witnesses, including O’Keefe’s relatives and experts in forensics. The defense and prosecution continue to present their narratives, leaving the jurors with the task of determining the truth behind the tragic events of January 29, 2022.

Karen Read Net Worth

Karen Read has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million USD as of 2024.


Does Karen Read Has Brain Tumor?

Yes, Karen Read’s attorney mentioned in court that she has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. Additionally, she suffers from other health issues, including multiple sclerosis and colitis. These health concerns were brought up during her arraignment hearing related to the charges against her in the death of her boyfriend, John O’Keefe.

Was Karen Read Ever Married?

Karen Read was married. The evidence presented in court included messages that revealed marital troubles between Karen Read and her husband, John O’Keefe. The documents from the Norfolk State Attorney’s Office detailed the friction within their marriage, which became a significant aspect of the case against Karen Read.

Was Karen Read Released On Bail?

Karen Read was granted bail following her arraignment in Superior Court. While the initial bail amount was set at $100,000, it was subsequently reduced to $50,000. Upon posting the revised bail amount, Karen Read was released from custody. She is currently out on bail as her trial continues.

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