Kimani Mbugua Biography: Age, Parents, Career, Citizen TV, Bipolar Disorder, Wife, Family

Kimani Mbugua Biography

Kimani Mbugua is a former journalist who had a successful career in Kenya, working at Nation FM and later at Royal Media, where he appeared on Citizen TV, Inooro TV, and Hot 96.

Kimani Mbugua left the media limelight in 2020 and has since been open about his struggles with mental health, which reportedly began due to heavy marijuana use.

Recently, media personality Oga Obinna has stepped in to help Kimani Mbugua by promising to facilitate his treatment and take him to a rehabilitation facility.

Kimani Mbugua Age

Kimani Mbugua is 26 years old as of 2024.

Kimani Mbugua Early Life and Education

Kimani Mbugua was born in 1998 in Nairobi Kenya. He started schooling at Njiiri School and later transferred to one of the church schools in Nairobi, Karura, where he maintained his exceptional academic record.

For his higher education, Kimani Mbugua attended Moi University, where he pursued journalism.

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Kimani Mbugua Career

Kimani Mbugua biography

Kimani Mbugua’s career in journalism began with a spark of talent and a drive for storytelling. As a young journalist, he joined the Nation Media Group, where he quickly made a name for himself with his vibrant news presentation.

In 2016, Kimani’s career took a significant turn as he transitioned to television, joining the ranks of Citizen TV. Here, he brought a unique blend of street-smart reporting and studio charisma, presenting news in a way that resonated with viewers across Kenya. His work on Citizen TV’s ‘Broken News’ segment showcased his ability to connect with the public, delivering news with a relatable touch that was both informative and engaging.

Kimani’s versatility as a journalist was further highlighted when he co-hosted ‘The Trend’ with Larry Madowo at NTV. This role saw him delve into entertainment news, producing and reporting on stories that captured the nation’s attention.

Kimani Mbugua Controversy Struggles with Mental Health

Kimani’s promising career faced challenges as he started battling with mental health issues few years ago. In a candid interview, he shared how his struggles unfolded. It all started with an acute psychotic episode triggered by heavy marijuana use.

During this episode, he experienced hallucinations and saw things that weren’t real. Gradually, depression crept in as he avoided addressing conflicts in his relationships and felt isolated and misunderstood.

The situation escalated, leading to hospitalization. Kimani’s father vividly described the heartbreaking experience of seeing his son in such a state. Kimani was tied up with straps on his arms, talking incessantly, and unable to recognize his own father.

Investigation revealed a possible cause for the crisis. Kimani’s birthday celebration had taken a dark turn. His sister discovered pictures of him falling down and vomiting, with girls hitting him. She also noticed white substances being put in his glass. These events likely contributed to the mental health relapse.

Kimani Mbugua Recent Company Registration

After leaving the hospital, Kimani Mbugua registered a new company with the funds he received from well-wishers. This step is part of his journey to rebuild his life. However, he still needs an additional KSh 200,000 to get the business fully operational.

Kimani Mbugua Girlfriend

Kimani Mbugua is not married. However, he had a girlfriend who was with him during some of his difficult times.

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