Lavisha Malik Biography: Age, Wikipedia, Career, 22g Auto Sales, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Instagram

Lavisha Malik Biography

Lavisha Malik is an Indian-Canadian brand influencer who became famous on social media for her exceptional sales pitch for a car dealership in Canada. She is an influencer, model, and actor from Punjab, India, who has a huge following on Instagram.

Known as the ‘22g Auto Sales Girl,’ Lavisha Malik has taken the internet by storm with her remarkable sales skills. Her ability to connect with the audience on social media platforms reached new heights, particularly after showcasing her sales skills in collaboration with 22g Auto Sales.

The viral video that propelled Malik to internet stardom was shared on the dealership’s social media handle, where she delivered a flawless sales pitch. Currently, Malik enjoys a massive following on her Instagram handle, where fans are drawn not only to her beauty, acting, and charisma but also to her exceptional sales acumen.

Lavisha Malik Age

Lavisha Malik is 25 years old as of 2024.

Lavisha Malik Early Life and Education

Lavisha Malik was born on June 15, 1999, in New Delhi, India. She is the daughter of Rajesh and Anita Malik, both of whom are doctors. Lavisha has a younger brother named Rishi, who is pursuing engineering.

Lavisha Malik attended Delhi Public School, where she excelled in her studies and participated in various competitions and events.

The Malik family moved to Toronto, Canada, when Lavisha was 16 years old. There, she continued her education at the University of Toronto, majoring in mathematics and minoring in media studies. Lavisha graduated with honors in 2016 and went on to receive a scholarship for a master’s degree in mathematics at the same university.

During her college years, Lavisha developed a passion for digital media and social media marketing. She began creating and posting videos on various platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

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Lavisha Malik Career

Lavisha Malik biography

Lavisha Malik’s career began with her passion for the arts and her natural flair for salesmanship. Before her rise to fame, she was actively involved in modeling and acting, which laid the foundation for her future success.

Her journey took a significant turn when she started to engage with social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, where she shared her life, fashion, and travel experiences. This engagement helped her amass a considerable following, setting the stage for her viral breakthrough.

Lavisha Malik biography

The turning point in Lavisha’s career came with her collaboration with 22g Auto Sales, a local car dealership in Canada. Her role as a salesperson was not just a job but a performance that showcased her charisma and persuasive skills. It was here that she created the viral video that catapulted her to internet stardom. In the video, Lavisha delivered a flawless sales pitch that resonated with viewers, showcasing not only the cars but also her captivating presence and style.

The video’s impact was immediate and widespread, quickly gaining traction across various social media platforms. Lavisha’s ability to connect with the audience and her genuine talent in sales captured the hearts of netizens. The video turned her into a household name, earning her the moniker ’22g Auto Sales Girl.’

Lavisha Malik Personal Life

Lavisha Malik is known for keeping her personal life private, especially when it comes to her relationships. As of the latest available information, she is not married and does not have any children. She has not publicly disclosed any details about her dating life or relationship status on her social media platforms. Lavisha prefers to focus on her career and interests, keeping her love life away from the public eye.

Lavisha Malik Net Worth

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Lavisha Malik has an estimated net worth of $150,000 as of 2024.

Lavisha Malik Instagram Handle

Lavisha Malik’s Instagram handle is @lavishamalik22. She has a significant following on the platform, where she shares content related to her life, career, and interests.

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