Mofe Duncan Biography: Age, Tribe, State Of Origin, Ex Wife, Career, Movies, New Wife, Net Worth, Instagram

Mofe Duncan Biography

Mofe Duncan, whose full name is Josbert Thomas Kwamina Eyimofe Duncan, is a well-known award-winning actor, director, and TV personality from Nigeria. He began his career as a model at the age of five and later pursued acting after graduating from the University of Lagas.

Mofe Duncan has starred in over 70 Nollywood films and is also the CEO 5ive28, an entertainment company that organizes events and produces films, photos, and media content.

Some of his notable works include roles in movies like “The Three Kings,” “Dark Past,” and “Talking Dolls,” which also marked his directorial debut.

Mofe Duncan Age

Mofe Duncan is 41 years old a of 2024.

Mofe Duncan State Of Origin

Mofe Duncan hails from Delta State, Nigeria.

Mofe Duncan Tribe

Mofe Duncan belongs to the Urhobo-Isoko tribe.

Mofe Duncan Early Life and Education

Mofe Duncan was born on May 28, 1983, in Lagos, Nigeria, into a family with a rich academic and professional background. His father, Professor J.T.K Duncan, is a distinguished medical doctor and professor, while his mother, Mrs. Molly Thomas, built her career in banking.

As the youngest of seven children, Mofe Duncan grew up in a nurturing environment that valued education and personal growth. He completed his primary and secondary education in Lagos.

Following his secondary education, Mofe pursued higher studies at the prestigious University of Lagos (Unilag), where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences.

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Mofe Duncan Career

Mofe Duncan biography

Mofe Duncan’s journey into the limelight began at the tender age of five when he first appeared in advertisements for major brands like Nestle.

After completing his university education at the University of Lagos, Mofe transitioned into the vibrant Nollywood scene. His natural charisma and talent quickly caught the attention of filmmakers and audiences alike. He has since starred in several blockbuster movies, including “Dark Past” (2017), “Talking Dolls” (2017), and “The Three Kings” (2018), which also marked his debut as a filmmaker.

Mofe Duncan Biography

Beyond his roles on the silver screen, Mofe Duncan has also made significant strides as a television host and presenter. His work with HITV and as an On-Air Personality for Rhythm FM showcases his ability to connect with audiences across different platforms.

As a businessman, Mofe Duncan is the CEO of 5ive28, an entertainment company that deals with event planning, media coverage, filmmaking, and freelance photography.

Mofe Duncan Movies

Mofe Duncan has an extensive filmography, showcasing his talent across a variety of roles in the Nollywood industry. Here’s a list of movies featuring Mofe Duncan:

  • Hearts Conflict (2023)
  • Jake and Joyce (2023)
  • Conflict (2023)
  • Don’t Test My Love (2022)
  • Unexpected (2023)
  • Mama’s Big Stick (2022)
  • Chance (2022)
  • The Other Man (2022)
  • Loving a Con Man (2022)
  • Our Date for Christmas (2021)
  • Free Man (2022)
  • The Surrogate (2022)
  • The Pendulum (2021)
  • Double Crossed (2021)
  • A Date with My Husband (2019)
  • On a Platter of Gold (2019)
  • Wife Package (2019)
  • Along Bordering Lines (2018)
  • Blood Ties (2022)
  • Rough Patches (2019)
  • Lying in State (2020)
  • The Inn (2016)
  • JAPA (2024)
  • Finding Love (2014)
  • The Love Square (2021)
  • What No One Knows (2023)
  • Third Parties (2022)
  • Love Is Yellow (2020)
  • Destiny (2022)
  • Next Door Neighbour (2022)
  • Just One Blood (2018)
  • Ex and Why (2022)
  • Untouched (2021)
  • Warriors in Heels (2021)
  • Bad Ideas (2020)
  • The Boy is Mine (2020)
  • Seized (2020)
  • Role Play (2021)
  • A Perfect Past (2020)
  • Body of Evidence (2020)
  • Love in a Puff (2020)
  • Grumpy Grannies (2019)
  • Cajole (2016)
  • Along Came Insanity (2023)
  • Life Happened (2022)

Mofe Duncan First Wife

Mofe Duncan was previously married to Jessica Kakkad, a businesswoman in the skincare industry. They got married on August 22, 2015, after meeting at an event that Mofe anchored. Despite facing opposition from their families, they proceeded with the marriage. Unfortunately, the marriage ended on June 26, 2019, although Mofe claimed the marriage had ended a year earlier, in 2018.

Mofe Duncan New Wife

After his marriage with Jessica, Mofe Duncan has been engaged to another lady, who is a non-Nigerian and he has decided to keep her identity hidden.

Mofe Duncan Net Worth

Mofe Duncan Biography

Mofe Duncan’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million as of 2024.

Mofe Duncan Social Media Handles

Mofe Duncan is quite active on social media, where he engages with his fans and shares insights into his personal life and career. You can follow him on the following platforms:

  • Instagram: @mofeduncan 
  • Twitter: @MofeDuncan 
  • Facebook: Mofe Duncan

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