Ola Of Lagos Biography: Age, Real Name, Net Worth, Cars, Photos, Girlfriend, State Of Origin, Education And More

Ola Of Lagos Biography

Ola Of Lagos is a well-known social media influencer, brand ambassador, car promoter, and car hypeman in Nigeria. He gained prominence after being noticed by the popular Instagram blogger, Tunde Ednut, who started posting his videos on his official page.

Ila Of Lagos is particularly recognized for his car reviews and has expanded his interests to include luxury items such as real estate, planes, and watches.

In this post, you’ll fine everything you need to know about Ola Of Lagos his real name, age, career, rise to fame, girlfriend, net worth, cars and more.

Ola Of Lagos Real Name

His real name is Akinwande Waris Olayinka.

Ola Of Lagos Age

Ola Of Lagos is 28 years old as of 2024.

Ola Of Lagos State of Origin

Ola Of Lagos hails from Ogun State, Nigeria.

Ola Of Lagos Early Life and Background

Ola Of Lagos was born on June 19th, his early years were shaped by the challenges of a lower-class family, as his parents were not well-off.

In pursuit of better opportunities, Ola moved to Lagos in his early 20s, a decision that set the stage for his future success. His initial days in Lagos were not easy; he started as a laborer on construction sites, earning minimal wages.

Education played a significant role in Ola’s life. He completed his primary and secondary education in Ogun State, where he was raised.

Ola Of Lagos Career

Ola Of Lagos biography

Ola Of Lagos is a prominent figure in Nigeria’s social media landscape, particularly known for his engaging car reviews and promotion of luxury items. His journey to becoming a celebrated car influencer began with humble origins, working as a cleaner in the Lekki area of Lagos State, a region known for its affluent residents and their display of wealth.

His fascination with luxury cars led him to start posting pictures and videos on Instagram, showcasing the opulent vehicles he encountered. His unique content and consistent engagement with his audience helped him build a substantial following on the platform.

The pivotal moment in Ola’s career came when he caught the attention of Tunde Ednut, a former musician turned celebrity blogger. Tunde began sharing Ola’s content on his Instagram channel, which significantly amplified Ola’s reach and follower base.

Ola Of Lagos biography

Ola’s big break came when Tunde Ednut held a raffle draw to celebrate reaching 2 million followers, promising to give away the same amount in Naira to a lucky winner. Ola was the fortunate recipient of this prize, which included a cash award and a trip to Dubai, marking a significant milestone in his career.

With his growing popularity, Ola expanded his content beyond cars to include reviews of other luxury items such as real estate, planes, and watches.

Ola Of Lagos biography

As an influencer, Ola has established himself as an entrepreneur, attracting partnerships with brands and securing endorsement deals. His keen eye for detail and impeccable taste have made him a sought-after personality for brand promotions.

Today, Ola Of Lagos is one of the most followed car influencers in Africa, inspiring many with his story of perseverance and success. His journey from a cleaner to a social media sensation exemplifies the transformative power of passion and hard work.

Ola Of Lagos Personal Life

Ola Of Lagos is currently single and not in any relationship as of now.

Ola Of Lagos Net Worth

Ola Of Lagos has an estimated net worth of $650,000 as of 2024.

Ola Of Lagos Cars

Regarding his cars, Ola Of Lagos owns several luxury vehicles, including:

  • A Lexus IS250, purchased in 2022 from Jb_Machines.
  • A 2016 Mercedes-Benz C300, acquired in 2023.
  • A Mercedes ML350, worth N15 million, given to him by Damos Wellness when he renewed his contract with them.

Ola Of Lagos Social Media Handles

You can follow Ola Of Lagos on his social media platforms to stay updated with his latest content and activities. Here are his handles:

  • Facebook: Ola of Lahos
  • Instagram: @ola_of_lagos
  • YouTube: Ola of Lagos
  • Twitter: @ItsHimOlaa

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