Queendarerah Biography: Real Name, Age, Husband, Wedding, Career, Family, Net Worth, Instagram

Queendarerah Biography

Queendarerah is a well known Nigerian fashion model and internet personality. She was born on May 15, 1998 and hails from the Eastern part of Nigeria, belonging to the Igbo tribe.

Queendarerah recently got married to Yinka Ash, whose full name is Olayinka Ashogbon, on April 2, 2024, in a court wedding, followed by a white wedding on April 14, 2024, in Lagos State. Yinka Ash is the managing director at Ashcorp Luxury Projects and the creative director at Ashluxe.

The couple’s wedding was attended by family, friends, and notable figures, including celebrities and guests like BBNaija couple Sheggz Olusemo and Bella Okagbue, Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe Adeoti, and her family.

Additionally, Queendarerah is recognized for her work as a brand influencer and has been featured in various social media posts related to fashion and hair styling. She also appears to have a presence on YouTube, where she shares content related to her profession.

Queendarerah Age

Queendarerah is 26 years old as of 2024.

Queendarerah Real Name

Queendarerah’s real name is Precious Chidera Udeh. 

Queendarerah Early Life and Education

Queendarerah was born on May 15, 1998, in Lagos State, Nigeria and she was brought up in a household that instilled in her the importance of never seeing herself as inferior to anyone. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Udeh, were dedicated to providing their children with the best possible upbringing, ensuring that they were raised in the Christian faith and taught good morals.

Education played a pivotal role in Precious Queendarerah’s formative years. Her family believed that education is the key to success, and thus, she was enrolled in some of the best private schools in Lagos for her elementary and secondary education. Her academic journey was marked by diligence and a commitment to excellence, which later culminated in her earning a degree from a private university in Nigeria.

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Queendarerah Career

Queendarerah biology

Queendarerah has carved a niche for herself in the Nigerian fashion industry as a top model, actress, and brand influencer. Her journey began with a deep-seated passion for fashion and lifestyle, which she nurtured from a young age. As she stepped into her teenage years, Queendarerah started auditioning for roles in commercials and magazine features, gradually building a portfolio that would become the bedrock of her career.

Her dedication and hard work paid off as she became associated with leading brands like Olori Herbal Secrets, Rixari Skin Secrets, and Ask Onyeka Beauty. Queendarerah’s ability to connect with her audience through her work has made her a sought-after name in the modeling world. Her collaborations with these brands not only elevated her status but also allowed her to influence the fashion choices of her followers.

Queendarerah biography

In addition to modeling, Queendarerah has made strides in acting, bringing her dynamic presence to the screen. Her performances are marked by an authenticity that resonates with viewers, further solidifying her place in the entertainment industry.

As a brand influencer, Queendarerah leverages her social media presence to engage with fans and promote products that align with her brand values. She is known for her genuine approach to brand partnerships, choosing to work with companies that reflect her personal style and ethos.

Queendarerah biography

Beyond her professional achievements, Queendarerah is also recognized for her writing and creative pursuits. She has created a personal space online where she shares her thoughts and views on various topics, connecting with people who resonate with her message. Her blog and podcast offer insights into her life and interests, providing a deeper understanding of the woman behind the Queendarerah persona.

Queendarerah Husband  & Wedding

Queendarerah biography

Queendarerah is married to Yinka Ash,  a well known Nigerian entrepreneur and fashion designer. They were in a relationship for several years before deciding to tie the knot.

Queendarerah biography

The couple got engaged in February 2024 after Yinka Ash proposed to Queendarerah. Their relationship blossomed over time, culminating in a private wedding ceremony held on April 18, 2024, in Lagos State. The wedding was an intimate affair, attended by close family and friends, and marked by the presence of notable figures from the entertainment industry.

Queendarerah Net Worth

Queendarerah biography

Queendarerah’s Net Worth is estimated to be around $200,000 as of 2024.

Queendarerah Instagram handle

Queendarerah is active on Instagram and you can connect with her using the handle below:

  • Instagram: @queendarerah

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