Sami Hamdi Biography: Wikipedia, Age, Education, Career, Wife, Family, Net Worth

Sami Hamdi Biography

Sami Hamdi is a renowned geopolitical risk consultant and former TV journalist who has over a decade of experience covering the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. As the Editor-in-Chief of the International Interest, a platform dedicated to global affairs, politics, and culture, he continues to provide insightful analysis.

In addition to his editorial role, Hamdi frequently contributes as a commentator across English, Arabic, and French media outlets, including Al Jazeera, Sky News, BBC, TRT, and Sputnik. His expertise extends to advising governments and companies on navigating the political landscape of Europe and the MENA region, offering valuable insights for market entry, expansion, and stakeholder management.

Sami Hamdi Age

Sami Hamdi is 34 years old as of 2024.

Sami Hamdi Early Life and Education

Sami Hamdi, born in July 1990 in the United Kingdom, was raised in a multicultural environment, fostering a keen interest in diverse perspectives and worldviews.

He attended SOAS University of London, renowned for its focus on Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Beginning his academic journey in 2008, he pursued a Bachelor of Laws degree, graduating with honors in 2011.

Continuing his studies at SOAS, Hamdi delved deeper into international law and human rights, earning a Master of Laws degree in 2013. His dissertation explored the legal ramifications of the Arab Spring, reflecting his commitment to understanding complex geopolitical issues.

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Sami Hamdi Career

Sami Hamdi biography

After completing his education at SOAS University of London, where he earned both a Bachelor of Laws and a Master of Laws degree with a focus on international law and human rights, Sami Hamdi embarked on his professional journey.

In July 2013, he interned at Linklaters, a prominent global law firm, gaining practical experience across corporate law, banking law, and dispute resolution. Transitioning to GPW, a political risk consultancy, in November 2013, he served as a business intelligence analyst until July 2014. In this role, he conducted in-depth research and analysis on political, economic, and security risks in the MENA region.

Simultaneously nurturing his passion for journalism and media, Hamdi became a television presenter at Almustakillah Television, a London-based Arabic channel, starting in November 2006. Over the years, he covered a myriad of topics pertaining to the MENA region, including the Arab Spring, Yemen War, Libya Crisis, and Tunisia Situation.

Currently, Hamdi holds the position of Editor-in-Chief at the International Interest, a website dedicated to global issues, politics, and culture. Established in 2014, the platform under his leadership provides insightful and independent commentary, curated by a team of writers, analysts, and editors.

Furthermore, Hamdi is a frequent commentator across various media outlets, including Al Jazeera, Sky News, BBC, TRT World, and Sputnik. As a sought-after guest speaker and expert, he shares his views and analysis on numerous programs and podcasts, contributing to informed discourse on world affairs.

Sami Hamdi Personal Life

Sami Hamdi is married and has children.

Sami Hamdi Net Worth

Sami Hamdi has an estimated net worth of $500,000 as of 2024.

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