Sarkin Dariya Biography: Age, Real Name, Parents, State Of Origin, Career, Girlfriend, Net Worth And More

Sarkin Dariya Biography

Sarkin Dariya is a Nigerian comedian known for his unique comedy style that often involves dressing and speaking in the Hausa language, as well as mimicking over 20 languages.

He creates songs that parody popular tunes, such as “Aboki” (a cover of Davido’s “Fem”), “Kwaro” (a cover of Omah Lay’s “Godly”), and “Baba” (a cover of Wizkid’s “Essence”). He is also known as MC 3310 and is an Igala by tribe, born in Kogi State, Nigeria.

He has gained popularity through his stand-up comedy performances and online content, including music videos and comedy skits.

Sarkin Dariya Age

Sarkin Dariya is 29 years old as of 2024.

Sarkin Dariya Real Name

Sarkin Dariya’s real name is Kenneth Ogwuche.

Sarkin Dariya Early Life and Education

Sarkin Dariya wwe born on March 23, 1995, in Kogi State, Nigeria. An Igala by tribe, he spent his formative years immersed in the diverse cultural milieu of Kogi State, surrounded by Hausa-speaking communities.

Upon completing his secondary education, Sarkin Dariya pursued higher studies at Kogi State University, now known as Prince Audu Abubakar University. He chose to study History and International Studies, a field that likely enriched his understanding of cultures and societies.

Sarkin Dariya Career

Sarkin Dariya Biography

Sarkin Dariya embarked on his entertainment journey with modest beginnings as a barber and businessman. His initial stage name, MC 3310, was inspired by the robust Nokia 3310 phone, a moniker that reflected his resilience and adaptability. However, as his comedic talent began to shine, he transitioned to the stage name Sarkin Dariya, which translates to “King of Laughter” in Hausa, a name that resonated with his audience and better represented his comedic ethos.

Sarkin Dariya Biography

His unique comedy style, which involves dressing and speaking in the Hausa language and mimicking over 20 languages, quickly set him apart in the Nigerian entertainment industry. Sarkin Dariya’s ability to create songs that parody popular tunes, such as “Aboki,” “Kwaro,” and “Baba,” endeared him to a wide audience, showcasing his versatility and creative genius.

Sarkin Dariya Biography

Collaborations with other comedians and celebrities like Broda Shaggi, Josh2funny, Nedu Wazobia, Basketmouth, and Don Jazzy further propelled his career, allowing him to reach a broader audience. His performances at various events and shows across Nigeria, including AY Live, Laugh Out Loud with MC Tagwaye, Laffmattazz with Gbenga Adeyinka, and Night of a Thousand Laughs with Opa Williams, solidified his status as a sought-after comedian.

Sarkin Dariya Awards

Sarkin Dariya Biography

Sarkin Dariya has won several awards, such as the Best Comedian of the Year at the Abuja Entertainment Awards 2021, the Best Skit Maker of the Year at the City People Entertainment Awards 2021, and the Most Influential Comedian of the Year at the Nigeria Achievers Awards 2021.

Sarkin Dariya Personal Life

Sarkin Dariya, also known as Kenneth Ogwuche, is not married but he is in a relationship. His girlfriend’s name is Abula, and she often features in his skits.

Despite his comedic persona often involving dressing like a Muslim, Sarkin Dariya is a Christian by religion. He is also recognized for his philanthropic efforts, supporting various causes and initiatives to improve the lives of people in his community.

Sarkin Dariya Net Worth

Sarkin Dariya Biography

Sarkin Dariya has an estimated net worth of $30,000 as of 2024.

Sarkin Dariya Social Media Handles

Sarkin Dariya is active on various social media platforms. You can connect with him and stay updated on his comedic ventures and personal life through the following handles:

  • Instagram: @SarkinDariya
  • Facebook: Sarkin Dariya
  • Twitter: @SarkinDariya

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