Segun Arinze Biography: Age, State Of Origin, Career, Movies, Awards, Wife, Family, Net Worth

Segun Arinze Biography

Segun Padonou Aina, popularly known as Segun Arinze is a Nigerian actor and singer, known for his work in the Nollywood film industry. He studied Dramatic Arts at Obafemi Awolowo University and began his career in entertainment as a singer before transitioning to acting.

Arinze gained popularity with the nickname “Black Arrow” from his role in the 1996 movie “Silent Night”. He has also been involved in various aspects of filmmaking, including acting coaching and working with film festivals to pass on his knowledge to emerging actors.

Segun Arinze Age

Segun Arinze is 59 years old as of 2024.

Segun Arinze State Of Origin

Segun Arinze hails from Badagry, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Segun Arinze Early Life and Education

Segun Arinze was born in 1965 in Badagry, Lagos State, Nigeria he is the eldest of seven children. His father is Yoruba from Badagry, and his mother is Igbo.

Arinze’s educational journey began in Onitsha, Anambra State, where he attended primary school and obtained his First School Leaving Certificate.  After completing his primary education, he moved to Ilorin, Kwara State, where he attended Victory College of Commerce.

However, Arinze’s secondary education was not confined to one location. He transferred to Taba Commercial College in Kaduna State, where he completed his secondary education and earned his West African Examination Certificate.

Upon completing his secondary education, Arinze took a significant step towards realizing his dreams by enrolling in Obafemi Awolowo University in Osun State. There, he pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Dramatic Arts, a discipline that equipped him with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the competitive field of acting.

Segun Arinze Career

Segun Arinze Biography

Segun Arinze’s career in the Nigerian entertainment industry began with a passion for music, which led to the release of his debut album “Dream” in 1992. Although the album did not achieve commercial success, it marked the beginning of Arinze’s public life and introduced him to the entertainment scene.

Arinze’s acting career took off in Ilorin, where he first embraced the roles that would define his path in Nollywood. His breakthrough came with the 1996 classic movie “Silent Night,” where he earned the nickname “Black Arrow” for his memorable performance.

Over the years, Arinze has appeared in a plethora of films, demonstrating his range as an actor. Some of his notable works include “Across the Niger,” “Family on Fire,” “A Place in the Stars,” and “Invasion 1897.”

Aside from acting, Arinze has contributed to the industry as an acting coach, sharing his knowledge and experience with the next generation of actors. He has worked with prestigious African international film festivals, reflecting his commitment to nurturing new talent and promoting the growth of African cinema.

Arinze’s influence extends beyond the screen. He served as the president of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), where he played a pivotal role in advocating for the rights and development of actors within the industry.

In addition to his acting and leadership roles, Arinze is also known for his work as an entertainment consultant and voice-over artist. His distinctive voice has lent itself to numerous projects, further diversifying his contributions to the world of entertainment.

Segun Arinze Movies

Segun Arinze has had a prolific acting career with a variety of roles in numerous films. Here’s a list of some of his movies:

  • Silent Night (1996)
  • Across the Niger
  • Family on Fire (2011)
  • A Place in the Stars (2014)
  • Invasion 1897 (2014)
  • Deepest Cut (2018)
  • The Island Movie (2018)
  • Gold Statue (2019)
  • Òlòtūré (2019)
  • She Is (2019)
  • Who’s the Boss (2020)
  • Blood Sisters (2022)
  • Blogger’s Wife (2017)
  • Highway to the Grave (2000)
  • Eye for Eye (1999)
  • Curse from Beyond (1999)
  • Mark of the Beast (1999)
  • Karishika 2 (1999)
  • Afamuefuna (2024)

Segun Arinze Awards

Segun Arinze has been recognized for his contributions to the film industry with several nominations and awards. Here are some of the awards and nominations he has received:

  • Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role (2014)
  • Best of Nollywood Awards for Best Actor in a Leading Role (2014)
  • Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards for Best Supporting Actor (2016)
  • Nominated for Best Supporting Actor – English at the Best of Nollywood Awards for the movie “Tatu” (2017).

Segun Arinze Wife and Children

Segun Arinze was previously married to Ann Njemanze, a fellow Nollywood actress, and they have a daughter named Renny Morenike. He is currently married to Julie Arinze, a lawyer and employee of Schlumberger. Together, they have three children: two boys and one girl.

Segun Arinze Met Worth

Segun Arinze’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million USD as of 2024.

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