Zerry DL Biography: Age, Real Name, Brother, Career, Songs, Record Label, Girlfriend, Net Worth

Zerry DL Biography

Zerry DL is a multi talented Nigerian afrobeat artist and songwriter. He gained popularity with his hit track “Puff & Pass” and is known for his collaborations with Shallipopi.

Zerry DL was born on December 4, 2002, in Edo State, where he attended both primary and secondary schools. He is currently signed to Plutomaniarecords and he has a brother who’s also a musician.

Zerry DL Age

Zerry DL is 21 years old as of 2024.

Zerry DL Real Name

Zerry DL’s real name is Divine Uzama.

Zerry DL State Of Origin

Zerry DL hails from Edo State, Nigeria.

Zerry DL Early Life

Zerry DL was born on December 4, 2002, in the bustling city of Benin, the capital of Edo State, Nigeria. From a young age, Zerry showed a deep interest in music, a passion that was nurtured within the walls of his family home.

Raised by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Uzama, Zerry DL grew up in a supportive environment that allowed his talents to flourish.

Zerry DL Brother

Zerry DL Biography

Zerry DL’s older brother is Shallipopi who’s also a singer and the CEO of Plutomania Records.

Zerry DL Career

Zerry DL Biography

Zerry DL, born Divine Uzama, embarked on his musical journey with a passion for afrobeat and a talent for songwriting. His career began to take shape in 2021 when he started gaining recognition on TikTok for his rap videos.

In the early stages of his career, Zerry DL’s collaborations with his brother Shallipopi played a significant role in his rise to fame. The duo, known as ‘The Pluto Boys,’ released several tracks that showcased their synergy and musical chemistry. Their hit track “Puff & Pass” became a viral sensation, earning them a dedicated fanbase and significant media coverage.

Zerry DL’s signing with Plutomaniarecords marked a turning point in his career. Under the label, he released the “Puff & Pass” remix and “Look at Me,” both of which solidified his position as a promising new artist in the Nigerian music scene.

The year 2023 was pivotal for Zerry DL as he released his debut single “Puff & Pass,” which quickly became a fan favorite. The success of this single led to increased visibility and opportunities for live performances and interviews.

Zerry DL Songs

Here’s a list of songs by Zerry DL:

  • Puff & Pass
  • Puff & Pass (Remix) featuring Shallipopi
  • Deep in the Streets featuring Tega boi
  • Ifeoma
  • You
  • Popo
  • Knack Am
  • Pressure

Zerry DL Personal Life

Zerry DL is currently single and not in any relationship as of now.

Zerry DL Net Worth

Zerry DL has an estimated net worth of $300,000 as of 2024.

Zerry DL Social Media Handles

You can find Zerry DL on various social media platforms. Here are his official handles:

  • Instagram: @zerrydlmusic
  • Twitter: Zerry dl (@zerrydlegendary)
  • TikTok: BiggestZeeinAfrica (@zerrydl_) 

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